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Tayzem Region

The Tayzem Region is a subsection of the Urnimrine continent. It refers to the area of land southwest of the Arbin Watershed and north of the Blipormus Strait. Occupying 18% of the continent's total surface area and measuring at around 20.832 million square kilometers, it is the smallest region of the 4. It is famous for its arid deserts, which take up much of the southern half of the region.
The history of the region dates back to 24997 AYM, when the tribe of Lotao migrated to the Merios Lake. In 24981 AYM, the Kaultedt Family migrated via boat to the deserts of the Tayzem Region and created the tribe of Kaultedt, eventually spreading out and occupying most of the area south of the Arbin Watershed. In 24977 AYM, Kaultedt fractured into 4 tribes, Oragona, Sellmoor, Zolaus, and Pinoth, in an extremely bloody war called the Kaultedtian Wars. In 22891 AYM, Olgliva began a large-scale military campaign (the Tayzem Campaign), dealing significant damage to the land occupied by Oragona and Pinoth. Eventually, the 4 tribes were all conquered and a new tribe of Blivon was created.
In the many years following Blivon's creation, more and more people have emigrated to the Merios Towns due to the Merios Lake's abundance of nutrients. When Blivon spread out eastward in 19950 AYM, many settlers settled along the coast of the Blivonic Valley and along the Kairn River, leaving a slim amount of Blivonians still left in the Tayzem Region. When the Blivonic Civil War occurred from 16848 to 16840 AYM, Blivon agreed to acknowledge the creation of Aurhundi, who was formed from Blivon's territories in the Tayzem Region and the Kalzuth Plains.
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