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Tayzem Desert

The Tayzem Desert is a large expanse of desert that is located south of the Arbin Watershed and north of the Kalzuth Plains. Measuring at around 12.5 million square kilometers, it takes up 60% of the Tayzem Region and 10.8% of the total surface area of the Urnimrine continent. It is the world's largest desert. 
The name Tayzem refers to its placement inside the Tayzem Region; the word Tayzem is Illibrivroni for west/western. In Eldrond, it is called Avolur, meaning burnt.


Today, the Tayzem Desert is entirely contained inside the country of Aurhundi. It measures 12.5 million square kilometers, which equates to 60% of the Tayzem Region, 10.8% of the Urnimrine continent, and 5.94% of the global surface area.
The vast majority of the Tayzem Region is covered with a sea of silicon sand, which can reach up to 40 meters deep at some places. At the edges of the desert, where the sands meet the oceans, the erosion caused by the waves has created a series of cliffs that drop down into a trail of coastline anywhere from 10-40 meters below the sand height. This trail is, on average, around 15 km wide, allowing for the creation of suitable large towns and farmland. However, along the southern coast, where the Tayzem Desert meets the Blipormus Strait, the rushing waters have eroded away any form of coastline, exposing the bare rock along the cliffside. 


The Tayzem Desert was first colonized by the Kaultedt Family, who landed upon the eastern coast in the month of Heta-Eimarae, 24981 AYM. They spread out over the entirety of the desert, and eventually began the Kaultedtian Wars, lasting from 24981 to 24977 AYM. At the end of the fighting, 4 large tribes remained, called Oragona, Pinoth, Zolaus, and Sellmoor
This lasted until 22888 AYM, when the tribe of Lotao to the northwest conquered the 4 Kaultedtian tribes in the Tayzem Campaign and created the country of Blivon. Blivon ruled over the entirety of the Tayzem Region and spread out into the Kalzuth Plains in 22812 AYM as well as the Blivonic Valley in 20050 AYM. 
In 17021 AYM Blivon fractured, and their expansive territory suddenly became independent. When Suinviyom united the territories in the Blivonic Valley, he led the territories in the Tayzem Region and the Kalzuth Plains become independent, thus placing the Tayzem Desert under the newly-formed jurisdiction of Aurhundi
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