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Vannae is a large city in the Tayzem Region. Founded in 24988 AYM, it is one of the oldest and most populous cities in Aurhundi and one of only 11 settlements that date back to the 6 tribes. Because of its position near the Merios Lake, it is generally considered as one of the Merios Towns, a series of cities that settled along the Lake. 
Vannae was founded in 24988 AYM following a dispute between the brothers of Murhane and Kiulamm. This dispute took place in the city of Xievre, and the brothers, as a result of this dispute, separated. Murhane went south and formed the city of Gauharn, while Kiulamm and his son Gijetor went north and founded the city of Vannae. When immigrants arrived from the south, Ivaegoss directed most of them to the Merios Lake, and many therein settled in the city of Vannae.
Founding Date
Large town
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