Occident, (sometimes "the West"; Remaric: "Occidens") as a geographical region, encompasses the land between the Shyegh' Mountains and the Great North, extending west until the shores of the North and Golden Seas. It has been the home of Humans and several other races for millennia, although its civilizations cannot claim the pedigree of those of Qikuo.
Occident is most famous as the heartland of the Remaran, and later Occidental, empires. Following their collapse, it is divided between numerous warring fiefdoms and petty kings.
The people of Occident are known for their particular piety and devotion to their nine gods, although the southern reaches hold some heretical strongholds of Forgotten worship, and the cults of The Old Gods are a constant threat. The churches of the Nine, however, use their great political and secular power to fight these foes of the New Order, their holy paladins travelling the land in search of heathens, witches, and demons.
Included Organizations
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