Mavorenia is a land of fertile plains and rolling hills, stretching from the Silver Coast to the Verdant Coast and down to the Swamps of Lethe. It has some of the most fertile farmland in Occident, and as such boasts some of the oldest and largest cities in the west. In older days, the proud mercantile states of the Silver Coast could have challenged this claim, but the horrors of the Merchant's Rebellion and Aureli Maxem's arrogant powergrab reduced the ancient marble cities to shadows of their former selves, and the reclamation of Remara itself by the Swamps of Lethe leaves Rumath as the heart of Remaran heritage.
Amongst Occident, Mavorenia is relatively unique in that the entire region is largely united. Rumath, the capital of both the Remaran and Occidental empires, lies within Mavorenia, and many lords here never left the Occidental Empire even as it collapsed. A ruler of sorts was chosen, although not ratified by the rest of the empire, and so Rumath is still ruled by a shadow of Occidental glory.


Mavorenia has a long history as part of Occident. Its original inhabitants are largely Kernuzdaic, of the southern group known as Maworni for whom the region is named, but the tribal societies in this region were sufficiently advanced enough to form larger-scale habitations normally seen only south and west in Remaric areas. This was likely due to the fertility of the region, which made larger-scale political institutions necessary as farming villages were rapidly replaced by cities. Despite its people's pride in the Remaran legacy they have inherited, the various Mavorenian kings did not join the Remarans willingly. The southern tribes were subjugated by force, while the northern ones felt they had little option against unchecked harpy aggression.
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