Swamps of Lethe

The swamps of Lethe are a vast fen in south-central Occident . Remara, the ancient capital of the eponymous Remaran Empire, lies within the swamps, but has been almost completely reclaimed by the brackish waters which slowly devour more and more of the surrounding countryside each year.
The swamps are a favored hideout for various criminals, cultists, and others who desire to escape the world. The Aboleths that once ruled its fetid depths have long since been driven out by the Remarans , but some say that they have returned.
The region is also a favored destination for treasure hunters--the remains of Remaran (and even older) settlements dot the swamps, including an ambitious magical terraforming project that for a time had rendered the swamps dry and solid ground, perfect for the expansion of the empire's heart. This failed catastrophically in BC 50, bringing an end to the last vestiges of Remaran authority.
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