Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Humans can be found in almost all regions of the world; it is, if anything, easier to mention what areas they have not reached in large numbers. They originated somewhere on the continent of Stegaria, perhaps within central Qikuo's jungles and highlands, but their precise point of origin is unknown. From there, they spread across Stegaria, and sailed even into the jungle-continent of Hekuashi, although their dominion of that shrouded land is contested at best. On Stegaria, only a few places remain free of large-scale human settlement, such as the frozen north of Lathva, although even here humans are known, and on the isles of the harpies they exist as an underclass of slaves.

Average Intelligence

Humans are clearly an intelligent race, capable of language and tool use. While other, longer-lived races might be able to acquire more information over their long lives, it speaks to the intelligence of humanity that they are able to contend intellectually with those who outlast them by centuries.
Genetic Descendants
70-80 years
Average Height
Average Weight
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