Occidental Empire

The Occidental Empire (Remaric : Imperium Occidentum, sometimes "Holy Remaran Empire"), was the continuation of the Remaran Empire following the Imperial Remaran Senate's seizure of power after the death of Emperor Tibur the Weak. It was an empire in name only, however -- the various warlords and kings that made up the RSI at this point were effectively independent; while the RSI was a forum for government and discussion, it itself had no actual power; only the lords who sat on it did. Even this limited cohesion was worn away, and by the time of the Oriental Crusade the elected head of the senate could not even call the various warlords to arms without the aid of the Church.
The collapse of the Occidental empire was a long and drawn out affair but relatively peaceful; with the death of the High King Theitmar during the Oriental Crusade. Elections were deferred until the warlords could return home. When they did, most had little desire for military cooperation or the Church's cries, and so the majority left the by-now ceremonial Occidental Empire. A few holdouts remained on Occident's northern shores and in the south, and some have even survived to the present day, but very few take these exclave alliances seriously.

120 BC - 15 AC

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Holy Remaran Empire; Occidental Alliance; Holy Occidental Union
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