The Bread Shooter

Don't wave that thing around like that! The last time you touched one of those strange items you ...
— Adventurer Avarnis, shortly before being hit in the head by a loaf of bread
  Although its origin is unknown, its resemblance to other Asmer devices causes the Bread Shooter to be classified as such. Its original purpose is long forgotten and scientists can only guess. So far a few uses have been found which determined the naming of the device.  


  The Bread Shooter, as the name suggests, shoots bread. Why an how does it do that? Nobody has a clue. It's one of the strange Asmer devices with an unknown original purpose. It is however quite varied in the ways it can shoot bread. Up until now the users have identified four main uses of the device.  

Normal Bread

One of the more useful uses of the device is to create a loaf of edible bread. The amount of times it can do this in a day is varied for some reason but it averages out at around 3 times a day. Although the bread is edible it is by no means good tasting bread. It comes out in kind of a stale state and the flavour is not great either. But for an adventuring party going through areas with little food it is a welcome addition.  

Dough Web

One of the stranger uses of the device is shooting a goo of hot dough that spreads out over an area of 10 feet in a cone shape starting from the device. This dough is searing hot and causes severe burns on any creature caught under it.  
I made a new discovery today about the device. Pushing the two buttons on the right side at the same time causes a hot dough like subtance to be launched from the device. Another succesful experiment! I will need to get a new cat dough.
— Endaros Kailon, magister of Shining Crystals
An action can be used to shoot the Dough Web from the front of the Bread Shooter. Each creature in a 10-foot cone must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. A creature takes 3d8 fire damage on a failed save and becomes restrained, or half as much damage on a successful one. On a failed save the creature also needs to use an action to free himself from the by then almost baked bread to stop the restrained condition. This feature can be used 3 times and regains the uses after a long rest.

Flaming Bread

Another use of the Bread Shooter is to launch a burning loaf of bread at a high velocity towards a target. This mostly causes burns on the target hit by it.   Stats
An action can be used to trigger a ranged attack from the Bread Shooter. When this attack hits a creature takes 2d6 fire damage and 1d4 bludgeoning damage. This feature can be used 6 times and regains the uses after a long rest.

Bread Brick

What comes out of the device by using this function is not technically a brick but it is just as hard nonetheless. For some reason the bread doesn't spoil in this state which actually allows it to be used as a building material. This function also shoots the brick at higher velocity than the flaming bread function.   Stats
An action can be used to trigger a ranged attack from the Bread Shooter. When this attack hits a creature takes 1d8 bludgeoning damage. There is no limit to the amount of times the device can be used in this manner.


  As with most Asmer technology it is not exactly known how the Bread Shooter actually works. It does not seem to use any form of known magic and what its original function was is unknown as well. Some people think it was once a part of a bigger device but there is no way to know for sure. What is known is that to use the Bread Shooter it has to be filled with organic material at a regular basis. This however is not limited to any ingredient related to making bread, like wheat, which still seems strange to those who have studied the device. After being unchanged over many centuries and after numerous tests, the device is deemed to be indestructible by current means.  
So far the device does not seem to be able to be affected by any of my attempts to create a dent in its exterior. I ran out of ideas of what tests to perform. The tests I have run so far are:
  • Using a large hammer
  • Dropping it from the tenth floor
  • Fireball
  • Two fireballs at once
  • Putting it in holy water
  • Giving it to my assistant who manages to break everything
— Endaros Kailon, magister of Shining Crystals


Only one found so far. It has a high price due to its rarity  


12000 Tetrae  

Materials and Components

Made from high quality steel and an unknown synthetic substance  


The Bread Shooter looks like a long metallic tube with a large part of its surface covered by a black synthetic material. The pattern of this covering seems irregular and almost organic, as if a fungus had attached itself to it. The front of the device is wider than the back and even enlarges while using the Dough Web function. It has a red colored handle made from the same synthetic material. The front of this handle has several buttons which are used to activate the different functions of the Bread Shooter. The back of the device curves upwards at the end and has an there opening. This is the input where organic material can be added.  


Originally the device was discovered by a group of adventurers exploring the edges of the Melon ruins, which date back to the ancient era that Gnomes were in control of that part of Terios. Even though these Gnomes were rather advanced, the Bread Shooter was not created by them. Where it originally came from is unknown but it resembles other Asmer devices. The adventuring group did not explore a lot further since they were quickly chased away by several goblinoids who didn't like trespassers in their territory. It was later sold in Golandon and currently resides in the Cryserium.  

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Author's Notes

I had a fun time creating this one for the item prompt. I added some stats as well for use in 5e in case you want to use this item in a campaign. If you think the article could be better please leave a comment so I can improve my articles in the future! :)

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