Chaos Well

Only certain authorised members of the Keepers are allowed to view the information mentioned here. If you are not authorised than know that we already know that you are reading this. Expect to be taken into custody soon.
— High Sage Syronikir
  The Chaos Well is the most dangerous and hated spell of Niorath. Almost every current country considers casting it a crime punishable by death. It is believed that this spell was the reason for the creation of Chaos areas such as the Silent Forest.   All information given here is limited since this writing is only used to identify the spell and help finding those who are attempting to gain the materials needed for it.  




  Chaos magic was probably first used several centuries after Magicfall. The Falls of the Chaos kind are not very common and practicing its related magic is not easy. Only those civilizations who managed to work with it for quite some time would have been able to use this form of magic.   The Selefer are believed to have been such a civilization. It is unknown how long they practiced the use of this magic but most Chaos spell were either created or written down by them. The Chaos Well spell was most likely the culmination of centuries of research.  


  The first real use of the spell would actually only happen at the end of a long war between the Selefer and the Gnomes of Tananjin. According to the Selefer records they were having some small victories due to the use of Chaos magic but they could never win against Tanajin's Juggernaut, also known as the Divine Golem.   In an attempt to get rid of this weapon of mass destruction they would try to use the Chaos Well spell in its most potent form for the first time. The results were vastly more powerful than they planned, killing not only Tanajin but everyone in the region. The area would forever be tainted and become known as the Silent Forest.

Silent Forest
The Silent Forest is believed to have been the site of an ancient battle which went terribly wrong. Today it is a haunted place filled with petrified trees, permanent mist and according to survivors untold horrors.


  After the war the Selefer would continue using its magic and did manage to get more control over it. This all ended when their civilization was destroyed by the Avaronians. During the final battle they are thought to have used the spell again but with different effects. Their former main region became the current Volker volcanoes and no Selefer were ever sighted again.   These events did not stop other caster from trying to use Chaos magic. Some have searched far and wide for Selefer ruins that hold information about the Chaos Well spell. The specifics of the spells have certainly been found since many other regions were eventually affected by the same Chaos Corruption that the Selefer brought forth. The Keepers are, however, doing everything in their power to find all remaining writings of the spell and prevent people from using it.  

The Spell


Chaos Crystal by Guild Wars 2, Dragonfall art


  The effects are not widely known but will be described here to identify the spell was cast in a certain location. The lesser and less powerful versions of the spell still have the same basic effects.   When casting the users draws magic and life from the surrounding area. Plant or animal life is instantly killed within a radius of at least one meter from the caster. This already happens during the start of the casting.   Once the spell is fully cast the intended target or targets will be surrounded by Chaoscrystal spikes which cause sever pain to those hit by it. Afterwards the affected area will be surrounded by a Chaos Tempest which can vary based on how powerful the cast spell is. Purple lightning strikes between the formed crystals in all directions and anyone within its path is instantly killed. As the storm progresses Chaos crystals start flying around which deal even more damage to those within the affected area.   Depending on the power of the spell the Chaos Tempest can explode afterwards causing even more mayhem. In case of really powerful version, such as used during the Selefer-Gnome war, this explosion's shockwave travels many kilometers beyond its origin, which causes Chaos Corruption in every area it passes over.  


Note: Dangerous information has been redacted in this writing as to not allow those reading it to reproduce the spell.
  To start he casting of the spell the caster typically start with the words "Athos phisash djakan erish". Following this , the caster will usher additional sentences:   ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████   Afterwards the caster can be seen drawing the energy and life from everyone around him to their hands. This looks like purple fire being gathered in the hands of the caster. When one minute has passed the caster will bring their hands towards the sky which causes the crystals to form and the Chaos Tempest to be created.  

by Rexard



  All casting of Chaos magic requires more materials in comparison to regular magic.  
Note: Only the most unique components are shown. These can still be used nonetheless to identify a caster attempting to cast this spell.  
  • 3-5 Chaoscrystals /li]
  • ███████
  • ███████████████
  • Blood of animal killed by a knife touched by light from Nervonia
  • Powder of grinded dragon scales of two different colors
  • █████████████████████
  • ████
  • █████████

Effects on caster

  What effects the spell has on the one who casted it all depends on the power of the spell. The lesser versions of the spell are still relatively safe for the caster although there is always the risk of them suddenly becoming way more powerful than intended.   The most powerful versions of the spell always end badly for the caster and are therefore only used as a last resort. In case the caster does not outright die from the spell they at least get affected by severe Chaos Corruption themselves.


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My Selefer were so clever and talented :D   I was thinking, the caster must really die all the time! If not from the chaos corruption, then from the chaos tempest still going on around them! Unless it immediatly dies off once the spell is finished?

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They die quite often still :p But if the caster is good enough they can manage to make the chaos tempest small enough so they don't get hit by it. They can cause it to appear further away. The main problem in most cases is that they can't control it and get hit anyway xp

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