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Tanajin's Juggernaut

The Divine Golem, or as we in the Lower Realms know it, Tanajin's Juggernaut, is a technological marvel. Not many know specifics about it. But the Gnomes of the Lower Realms are descendants of those who were on the first line during its final moments. I will give you all information that has been passed on to me. That will be more than you can learn from anyone else.
— Yamaderis
  One of the ancient artifacts that is sought by many adventurers is Tanajin's Juggernaut, also known as the Divine Golem. This myth has led to the believe that somewhere within the Silent Forest there is still a gigantic weapon that once destroyed entire armies on its own.  




  According to the myth of Tanajin's Juggernaut, which is told in many areas of the world, Tanajin created a construct that he could enter and use as a weapon of mass destruction. He is said to have created this to protect his people from all harm during a voyage from Oneraga to the western continent of Farlis.   If the myth is to be believed the process of making the Juggernaut took 100 days and 100 nights. However, many of the underground Gnome Empire assumed that it took much longer given its supposed. But this is of course based on the challenges they encountered while creating there own much smaller versions. They never had the chance to see how fast they would be able to create such a gigantic and advanced golem because their civilization was wiped out way before they would have been able of such feats.  
Divine Golem
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  Once Tanajin and some of his people arrived in Farlis they created a new Gnome nation there. This was not like by the nearby Selefer, however. A war ensued in which the Selefer vastly outnumbered the Gnomes. Even though they were aided by the Dragons the Gnomes would not have been able to contain the Selefer if it were not for Tanajin.   During the war the Juggernaut killed vast amounts of Selefer and managed to turn the tide in every battle. But it did not last.
Tanajin Humanoid Form by Kefkejaco with Heroforge


Tanajin is the main God of the Ilbon religion which is followed by most Gnomes and Dragons in Oneraga. His knowledge and creation are said to have helped his side during the The God War. When that war ended due to Magicfall he is believed to have been the only Prime Asmer who remained on Niorath.   To his followers he is seen as both the father of the Gnomes and the one who breathed life into the Dragons. Many of his direct underlings were Dragons and some of the Dragon nation's leaders came to be descendants of these Dragons from ages ago.   According to the Divine Golem myth, Tanajin lost his life because the Selefer who used unholy magic to kill the God.

Final Battle

  A large battle ensued in the area that is now known as the Silent Forest. At that time it was not yet affected by the Chaos magic it is known for today. It was a fertile area with bustling Gnome settlements and idyllic landscapes. That would all change after the final battle of Tanajin.   By using of Chaos magic by the Selefer succeeded in killing Tanajin and most life in the area. What happened to the Juggernaut is not known and no adventureres have managed to find its last location.  

Divine Golem


Energy Source

  What exactly powered the Juggernaut is not known but no Falls are involved unlike most other machinery of today. It should have been a very powerful source since the descriptions given about the size of the golem estimate it somewhere between a 100 and 300 meter.  
Our people have found technolgy that looked similar to how the power generation of the Juggernaut is described as. The same technolgy seems to be used in the Celestial keys.
— Yamaderis


  Information about the weapons the Juggernaut had are rather vague besides the general effects they produced and how powerful they were. Most estimations are based on second hand accounts. But these stories are enough to get adventurers searching for the Juggernaut just to get their hands on the technology that would have brought them forth.  
Divine Golem by sid meier's civilization beyond earth
By analyzing the descriptions of the attacks of the Juggernaut I have some ideas about the weapons that it could have had.   First off I think one arm had some kind of large energy weapon not too disimilar to our Arcane cannons. This would however, not have used Falls to deal its damage. Another weapon that it could possibly have had are moving explosives. These could have been self-aware but no way to know for certain.   Additionally I think the center could have harboured a weapon that disintegrates things. But these are just my educated guesses from descriptions. I have never been able to recreate any working version of them.
— Yamaderis
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  The technolgies and materials used in the Juggernaut are most likely very similar to the ones used in other technologies of the Asmer. Even though some artificats of them are already found the exact methods of making them or their components remain a mystery.   The most common material used would possibly be Asmerian Metal, a kind of metal alloy that is used very frequently in Asmer technology. It is extremely durable, light and does not seem to lose any of its properties over time.   The use of these materials would have given the Juggernaut an armor that would be very hard to damage by ordinary means. Powerful magic would most likely have been the only method to do it any harm.  

The search

  Many nations and organisations try to get their hands on the Juggernaut. Intrigued by the myth of the Divine Golem they venture into the Silent Forest in an attempt to find it. No one has been succesful so far. Every person who tried either died or is now roaming the cursed area forever as an Chaos Corrupted being.  


  The crew of the Juggernaut is believed to have been at least one person, Tanajin. None of the myths make it seem like the Juggernaut could operate on its own. It is possible that there were other crewmembers given the size of the construct but there is no way to know for certain.

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