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Red Robin

Small and beautiful to look at in the trees as it sings hymns of magnificent symphonies.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
A well renown bird for its colourful red feathers and chirping that translates into beautiful songs for Humans, Demon and Dwarf alike. Red Robins are small birds that can be found across all of Nimenra where it survives almost any climate. They are also the bird that symbolises Reliona.

Small, quick and charming

Standing no taller than 15 centimetres, the bird is amongst the smallest birdkind. They all have a brilliant red colour scheme on their heads and chest with the rest of its body being brown or grey depending on age. Younger robins tend to be very quick, so quick that even hunting birds and predators have a hard time catching them.
Robins also are common in many populated areas, making them a close contact with friendly wildlife. They can come up to people often with the intention of taking leftover food.
It is, however, their beautiful singing that draws the attention of many. These songs sound like hymns echoing in the sky and are as a matter of fact their way to impress potential partners. Both female and male birds sing trying to hear who can match their chirping and create wonderful symphonies.

And also wake the dead in the morning...
— Commoner who does not appreciate Red Robins
Red Robin in A Tree by A of Worldkeymaster (Through NightCafe AI)
Geographic Distribution
Across Nimenra
Dietary needs
Hunts insects
Average lifespan
Upwards of 10 years (Captivity)
Average height
15 centimeters

A symbol for the Protector

While many would tell tales of their songs and chirping, there is plenty of red robins' bravery when they fight against larger predators. People have told stories about seeing them taking on falcons and large praying birds when cornered or threatened. Their behaviour of fighting the bigger and more powerful being of the two has inspired commoners and nobles alike with fantastical tales and heraldries. In Nilaminra the red robin is popular amongst the southern nobilities before the Avenon Council Crisis.
Most importantly the red robin is a symbol of Reliona, the Goddess of War and Courage. Their show of courage has related tales to how Reliona uses the birds as Her messengers and as Her own symbol on her shield together with the red rose. Having a plucked rose and robin feather is said to bring protection over a young woman and her partner.

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