Tagging Guide

Tagging on World Anvil is an art! Here is how I use tags to organise my content for my world.   Because tagged lists will pick up words included in the tag, they have to be uniquely crafted so nothing crosses over (a tagged list requesting 'farmer' would pull in tags like 'farm'). I find the best approach to this is to use a coded shorthand to prefix the tags so they won't ever be picked up by another tagged list.   After yet another tagging change I have discovered using one-letter shorthand did not end up working as well as I wanted, I am starting to switch to a 2 letter shortcode system for greater flexibility.   I use the hyphen to separate the shortcode from the tag text as well as to indicate spaces in names.   Some tags might need further subcategories and I will add an extra word or two-letter shortcode to demonstrate this. For example, I have a DM Screen article with several private lists and I prefix these lists with the shortcode dm, dm-ps is my shortcode for Dungeon Master Playable Species.  


Shortcode Representation
cd Condition
ci City
co Continent
ec Cold Environmnt
eg Generic Environment
ev Event
ew Warm Environment
fa Faction
ii Important Individuals
io Important Organizations
it Items
lg Location Group
lm Landmark
ol Other Landmasses
or Organization
re Region
sp Spells
ta Terrain Area
to Town
wa Works At (Staff)
vi Village


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