Elderlock Chosen

General Description

Elderlock is a small coastal village on the eastern side of Roth Island. It is home to a group known as the Chosen, a group of people marked by a magical brand who perform rituals to please the fire god Vurrgaan.


Marked individuals are covered in extensive vein-like markings ranging in thickness and colouration, although they usually take darker shades. These markings seem to present both externally and internally and can be seen often across the tongues and eyes of the Chosen.

Origins & History

The people of Elderlock have lived with the marks and the responsibilities they bring since their records began around the year 1022. Stories of the consequences of not following the will of the gods are told to children from a young age and form a big part of the culture there.   Those inflicted with these marks are subject to intense dreams and nightmares which can be interpreted as warnings or premonitions of future events. This is how the will of Vurrgaan is spread throughout the people. The Chosen are also responsible for leading Elderlock and its people and are in charge of any laws or customs that exist today as well as serving punishments for breaking them.   Many historical records suggest over the millennia some barbaric acts have been carried out by the Chosen, including villagers taking on dangerous adventures or trials and sacrificial ceremonies where villagers are offered to the gods.


It is said that whenever there is an eruption, earthquake or other natural disaster caused by the volcano Galeroth, one or more of the seven will have had visions and instructions to carry out the will of Vurrgaan.   While the population of Elderlock are incredibly secretive about their culture it is known that sacrificial rituals occur every few months on average and usually involve the volcano, from what others have witnessed.
Religious Organization
Related Deities
A depiction of a fiery ritual in the shallows


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