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Sanguine Fever

She looked agt the tissue she'd just blown her nose into. As she saw the red instead of the usual uncolored substance her hands started shaking and she dropped the paper. How could it have happened?
  Sanguine fever is an infection of the brain which causes the brain to be inflamed and slowly dissolve. In the first few days it often looks like a cold or the flu, but when a couple of days have passed, blood will start flowing out of the nose instead of snot. This is actually not only blood, it is also brain mass which has been desolved. If the sick individual is not treated they will most likely die, if treated to late they'll have a high chance of brain damage as their brain literally turned to liquid and ran out of their skull.

Transmission & Vectors

The sanguine fever is caused by a bacteria commonly found in excrements from bats living in the forests in Morlea. A beetle known mostly as the flying trashcan usually eats anything it can get to. This includes other animals' excrements. The beetle also eats food which a human or iwachi might come into contact with, the bacteria dies fast after leaving the host so the chance of transmission through contaminated objects is low. The trash beetle also bites people and animals, so it is more likely that an infected person has been in direct contant with the beetle, and been bit by it. It does not transfer between people, unless they get each others blood or spit on them, which is a danger with the blood coming out of the nose.


The sickness is caused by the bacteria known as sanguinem Phormidium or simply as the blood bacteria. It's more common to be infected in the winter as the trash beetles seek out food, as there is a lack of it in it's natural habitat. They often seek the warmth of homes and there is a mass hysteria everytime a beetle is found inside.


The first signs of sanguine fever is, as the name suggests, a fever. The fever is followed by headaches, muscleaches, runny nose and general fatigue. Then when a normal cold would've ended, blood starts running out of the nose instead of snot. This is the first time one can be sure that they have the sanguine fever and not the common cold or the flu.


Before the Destruction

Before the dissapearance of magic from Morlea, the most common way to cure a subject was to heal it magically. It was a pretty easy procedure if an individual was trained in basic healing magic.

After the Destruction

After the dissapearance of magic it has been harder to heal the sick, but it can be done. It is a more tedious process and it has a lower success rate. One uses the flower called Yracli Hoderva which is found in the southern parts of Morlea. However the plant itself is poisonous and only people who are profesionals should handle them.

Also known as:
  • The red fever
  • bloody cold
  • death fever
Affected Species

Yracli Hoderva

Sanguine fever can be cured with magic or a medicine made from the highly poisonous flower called Yracli Hoderva.

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This is a fun little article to read! I like the amount of description here which is just the right amount for an article like this. It gives enough detail organically for a new reader to understand the Sanguine fever and I also have to say that the concept for this disease was very nice. Some typos here and there but they arent much of a problem at all. Keep up the good work!

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What a lovely horrible disease! Great article :3   I spotted a few minor issues. In the opening quote the is a "agt" which should be "at". Muscleaches should be two separate words.