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Yracli Hoderva

A poisonous flower used for medicine

He looked at the sky, it looked pink to him at the moment. He'd been stumbling through the forest for a while now, though he had no clue as to how long. Had the sun set yet? Had it already been dark since he left? He had no idea. He looked at the flower in his hand, it was so pretty. If only he knew where he lived so he could give them to his wife. The last thing to go through his head was how pretty her eyes were, then he hit the ground.

The Yracli Hoderva is a small flower that grows in warmer climate and is used in medicine against a dangerous disease , but is has little use for anything else due to it being highly poisonous to even the slightest touch.

Many have died from the plant, usually not to the posion itself as they hallucinate and often end up walking of a cliff or drown themselves before the poison can kill them completely. People often see things they love or people they care about calling out to them, but in reality it's their minds leading them to their death.

Biological traits

Color: The Yracli is a green flower which has orage details.

Diameter of head: 8 cm

Habitat: southern Morlea


Medical uses

The flower is most often used in medicine to cure Sanguine Fever, a very deadly sickness. The flower has to be collected using special gloves as the entire flower is posionous to the touch, and even just a little can affect you way of thinking.

The flower is then washed and crushed into a fine powder, then mixed with a weak acid to counter some of the chemical traits in the flower which makes it poisonous. After that the liquid is mixed with either milk, water or a sort of juice to mask the horrible taste of the acid and the flower.

Yracli Hoderva

A highly poisonous flower used in medication against Sanguine Fever, a dangerous disease with a high mortality rate.
Scientific Name
Yracli Hoderva

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