Hella Kalishon

Hella is one of the nice cooking ladies currently working in the kitchens at The Castle of Lions. She is a small funny woman who loves bread more than most other things in the world. Though she cares a lot about Bashel and Carlin as well.  

Adoptive sons

The two boys fled their hometown of Altein when it was discovered that Bashel was a Half-breed, something most humans despise more than the plague itself. The two made their way to Bechlea where they lived on the streets for a couple of weeks before Hella saw them and decided to take them in and make sure they had a place in the servants quarters in the castle.   She has acted as their parents for years, though she has no idea why the two fled their home or that Bashel is a half-breed. She would not care though, as her love for the boys are unconditional.  


Hella loves her life as a cook, her biggest passion is creating wonderful and tasty dishes, that there are people who love her food as much as she loves making it only makes the job better. She spends most of her freetime with her the boys or with her old parents who live on the outskirts of Bechlea. She cares deeply for them but she never wanted to make a family of her own. A husband wasn't in the cards, and neither was one wanted and that meant that Hella never got kids either. Until she fell over Bashel and Carlin and her heart couldn't go on with no burdens unless she helped the poor children.
Year of Birth
742 AK 45 Years old
Light brown
Brown with silver streaks

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