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The man stood tall, the magic didn't even seem to touch him as he strode forward directly into the flame hurled at him. His armour glistened in the sun, reflecting the light and shining in an endles array of colors.
  The metal called avecae is a powerful and rather rare metal. It is sought after by knights and royals, as they are often the only ones who are able to afford it. The metal is powerful because when inscribed with magic runes or infused with raw magic, the effect of the magic will be up to ten times higher than if it had been iron or some other metal.


Material Characteristics

A shiny, silvery and iridecent metal.


Most often it is used to make weapons, shields or armor of. It is seen that it has been used to make a crown as well.

Geology & Geography

It is found most often in the mountains in the middle of the continent of Morlea. It is very deep underground and the process of extracting it is tedious and slow. There are both mines in Edrea and Ildres. However, it is dangerous to try and get to the mines without protection from knights or someone else skilled with a sword. The Onogeci live in the forests one has to go through to get to the mines.  


When magic is somehow put into an object it will usually fade with time until none of the magical effects are left. Except, with the avecae metal it will not. The effects given to the item will stay on it until it is removed due to the metals extreme receptiveness of magic.

History & Usage


When the ore was first discovered around a hundred years before the founding of The Kingdom of Edrea , nobody knew what to make of it. They melted it and tried to make different objects, the metal was sturdy, though people looked like rainbows when they wore armor made of it.

It wasn't seen as anything special for some years, but when an individual with magical abilites bought a shield made of it and enchanted it with a protection spell, it was revealed just how powerful the metal really was. The shield was able to withstand great amounts of both magical and physical blows, without even getting a scratch.

Since the discovery of it's abilities, you were seen as wealthy if you had any items made out of Avecae, even if it was just a necklace.


To be used, the ore first needs to be mined out and then melted in a forge. It has a pretty high melting point so not all forges are able to melt it.

Reusability & Recycling

If an object made of Avecae is no longer needed, the magical properties are removed and it is melted to be used to make another object.
Extremely high value.
silver, iridecent shine
Melting / Freezing Point
2640 Celcius
24 g/cm3
Common State
Related Locations

Well known items made of Avecae

The Crown of the First King

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