Cloud Oaks

"Cloud oaks" is an umbrella term for a pretty wide range of different tree species that make their home all over Mithra. Although there is no trace of them being a species of The Discrepancy, they are certainly not naturally evolved. The most well-known cloud oak, Niinks, is so incredibly large that the top leaves have different shapes from the bottom leaves. It's a member of the Ell'fykan cloud oak species that inhabit the inner layered jungles of the Woods of Ell'fyka. Although all cloud oaks are large, these ones are by far the largest. But some of the other places where you can find cloud oaks include, sanctuary in the north, and wyzeen forest in what is now Murtivia.

Cover image: by Pimenefusarund


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4 Apr, 2021 09:53

Looks interesting - how large exactly is Niinks? :)

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4 Apr, 2021 15:50

Interesting concept already. Just as qurillion said it will be important to put the size here so people can imagine it better. Given that it is a cloud tree I would assume it is giganticly tall.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
10 Apr, 2021 18:35

Interesting idea! Is there magic that helps adapt the biology of the tree to get the nutrient and water all the way from the roots to the top?

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14 Apr, 2021 19:41

Hi Pimenefusarund! My initial thoughts/questions have been covered by Qurillion, Kefke, and Amélie. I'd like to see this species expanded out in further detail since it seems to be fairly important to your world.

xtremepsy | Ölütanrı
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17 Apr, 2021 15:11

Different leaves due to its size sounds interesting. But how tall are they exactly? Do they outgrow the rest of the forest, and if so, does it impact the other trees?

20 Apr, 2021 13:15

Thanks for the likes and comments everyone. I haven't had a lot of worldbuilding time so the article is still pretty meager. But in time, all your questions will be answered in the article. ;)

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