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Leonid Markov

Dr. Leonid Markov (2169-2274 CE) was a male Human scientist and later President of the United Nations of Earth. Born in the city of St. Petersburg on Earth, Markov became one of the earliest extrasolar explorers in Human history, commanding the UNS Explorer. He was responsible for the discovery of numerous systems, as well as first contact with the Scyldari Confederacy and the Kingdom of Yondarim. In 2230 CE, he was elected 7th President of the United Nations of Earth, serving for two terms until 2250 CE. His cavlier attitude towards exploration has drawn both praise and criticism, often referred to as "the real-life James Kirk" after the fictional explorer. Markov died in 2274 CE at his estate on Terra Nova. Historians view Markov as one of the most important Presidents of the United Nations of Earth, owing to his avoidance of a second war with the Tzynn Empire, strong economic growth, and growing diplomatic ties with other star nations.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leonid Markov was born in the city of St. Petersburg, located within the Russian Federation on Earth in 2169 CE. He was able to attend the prestigious European Research Institute, where he received a PhD in the field of exoplanetary research. Although he was on the shortlist for the command of the first hyperdrive-equipped ship, the UNS Discovery, he was ultimately passed over. However, in 2201 CE, he was given command of its sister ship, the UNS Explorer.

One of the first discoveries made by Markov was the verification that Sirius III was habitable. Although unmanned probes had detected signs of a biosphere on the planet, the UNS Explorer confirmed it. Markov himself was the first Human to set foot on the planet, in violation of orders for him to remain in orbit. This would be the first of many violations of orders by Markov, but these only served to make him something of a celebrity on Earth.
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
2169 CE 2274 CE 105 years old
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