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Mantles of Authority


Mantles of Authority are incredible Artifacts of Power created by Architect Himself at the Dawn of Time. Classified as Astyvern Artifacts, they are similar to the likes pf the Maiden Armors.
It is not exactly known how many varaints exist, nor how many examples of each variant has been created; it is believed that it varies from Mantle to Mantle.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Appearance of the Mantles

Identity Reflection

Similarly to other Astyvern Artifacts such as Plot Armor, the appearances of the Mantles of Authority mold themselves after their carrier's sense of identity while simultanuasly showcasing a few core characteristics that a knowledgable individual can recognize.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Worn out or prestine

Some of them are more moldable than others, even within the same clan. The same goes for the amount of time it takes for a so-called identity reflection to conclude. Some appear simple and plain, and possibly even torn and worn out, whole others look noble, prestine and outright fantastical. While its rare, there are also examples of ones with the style and materials of a more high-tech civilization.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Bestowed or Born with

In a sense, there exist two types of Bestowed Mantles; those that are bestowed to beings when they are born or created, and those that recive them through some twist of Fate. The former are agreed to be of a higher echolon of power that is unobtainable by the former.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Born with Mantles of Authority

It is mainly members of Selathi Species are those that bestowed Mantles upon the moment of their creation. This mainly concerns the Dhavians and The Urh. A rare few Nelathi individuals are also born/created with Mantles attached to them; most of these are Anishans. These individuals, be they Nelathi or Selathi, are incapable of reciving additional Mantles, as they are repelled by the one they currently bear.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Bestowed Mantles of Authority

Members of the Melathi Species are those that are bestowed Mantles through either luck (or misfortune depending on who you ask) or through some twist of Fate. A majority of these are Humans, although a handful of Vampires, Gnomes, Battlebreds and Loerder are also noted to have worn Mantles.  
Astyvern Artifacts.


The bestowment process is not too dissimilar to one being bestowed Maiden Armor. It is a seemingly random occurance without any prior warning. It is just as likely to happen while one is having Fika with friends or while in a midst of a life or death situation. How they manifest themselves depends on the Mantle itself and whatever it is they hold Authority over. Some are subdued and barely noteworthy, while others manifest with a grandiose and fearful spectacle.
Wheter prior requierments increases the chances of one reciving a Mantle of Authority is a debated topic; the intensity of which is dependable of exactly what Mantle it concerns.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Nelathi Apotheosis

When a Melathi is bestowed a Mantle of Authority, they go through a physical and metaphysical transformation that essentially turns them into Nelathi Individuals. The end result are indivuduals that are eerily similar to Celestia Anishans in several ways.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Immortality & Physical Durability

Mantle Carriers are essentially Immortal and are more or less impervious to harm bestowed by anything lesser than high-class Nelathi make or other Astyvern Artifacts. That which is of the Selathi are the main existing things that can be the end of a Mantle Carrier.
However, as general rule, the biggest threat to a Mantle Carrier is another like them, primary one of the same clan if such a one exist. It should also be noted that Mantle Carriers are not all equal and some can take more damage than others, or deliver it harder.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Extrametaphysical Sustenance

Mantle Carriers have no real need to eat or drink to keep themselves alive, as they are sustained by the very energies that flows through and empowers the Mantles. Most do however help themselves to a meal every now and then, and it does give them additional sustenace.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Apparel & Outfit Manifestation

Mantle Carriers are capable of manifesting apparel that is associated with the concept that it hols Authority over. The Mantle will showcase itself over the apparel, which will take on characteristics that both reflect the carrier and the inherent concept imbeded into its fabric. Thus far, a Mantle of Authority has been noted to only being capable of manifesting three additonal outfits beyond the primary one, and they take time to fine-tune by the carrier's intent.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Item Manifestation

The items that can be manifested are more closely related to the concept of the mantle itself, and will only marginally change to reflect the identity of the carrier. The carrier has little say in what items can and cannot be manifested, although those of old age have greater leeway than the newborn ones; the most prominent one being changing the appearance and apparent function of the primary item of the Mantle; like turning a Scythe of Death into a Double-Barrel Shotgun of Death.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Capability Bestowment

Primary Capabilities

Authority Control

Mantles of Authority bestow upon their carriers potent capabilities, the primary ones being over whatever concept it has authority over, be it fundamental or abstract in nature.
This is known as Authority Control and it can range from being able to call forth and smother firestorms, to having an innate understanding of all known languages, to being able to control the flow of time within a certain range.
There exist layers to these capabilities and not all are able to reach the more abstract and all-encompassing depths; usually this is due to them not having the mental fortitude or metaphysical strength necessary.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Authoritive Interaction

Carriers of Mantles of Authority can interact with concepts — be they fundamental or abstract — on all three Spheres of Reality using every single one of their senses, be it hearing or smell .etc. Although touch and sight is said to be the most straining and take longer to grow accustumed to.  
Astyvern Artifacts.

Authority Intermelding

With time, Mantle Carriers essentially become one with the concept that the Mantle embodies. This is a never-ending, albeit slow process that begins at the moment the Mantle is bestowed them and one that takes several centuries, if not millennia, to show notable effects that are visible to the naked eye.
There comes a moment when the carriers are more metaphysical than physical and by that point their minds have become more instinctual tha anything else. They have essentially become conceptual ghosts that are slowly becoming one with the Mantle and unless they are befallen Death then that is the ultimate fate of all carriers of Mantle of Authority.  
Astyvern Artifacts.
Alternate Names
Cloaks of Authority.
Garbs of Authority.
Mantles of Responsiblity.
Architect Himself.
Collection of Known Variants
Mantle of Death.
Mantle of Time.
Mantle of Sun.
Mantle of Sound.
Mantle of Darkness.
Mantle of Creation.
Mantle of Life.
Known carriers
The Dhavians.
The Urh.
Selective Anishans.


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