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Namyse Tiaraad

Namyse Tiaraad is a dragonborn sorceress with a unique appearance. Her black and green scales gather looks where ever she goes, yet she doesn't appear even slightly bothered. Which is good, as her current position as Keeper of Keys and Professor of the Arcane Principles in Silver Shore Academy of Magi gives her plenty of spotlight.

Known as one of the more level headed individuals of the Academy staff, Namyse is often dealing with the inner conflict of the house, as well as working as a buffer between Dragonborn Guard and the Academy when required. Her knowledge and strict attitude help to keep things in check even when the ride gets a little crazy.

Physical Description

Body Features

Namyse is a tall female dragon born with black scales with some green pots covering her skin.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In 14th of Jan, 4000 AoS, Namyse was born in the city of Naugla Tarn. She was born to the clan Tiaraad.

Early Childhood

Namyse's family was a reasonably successful mercenary squad, associated to The Black Griffon Company. The family had mostly left Aradace Tharur behind to try something new and fresh. They would, though, keep connections to the main clan.

The family consisted of her mother, father, two aunts, and an uncle. Though in a clan-like environment, exact parental titles made very little difference to Namyse. Inside the family, she wasn't even quite sure which of her family members was actually blood-related to her, nor would it have mattered. She would have a few smaller "siblings", and the family unit was quite stable all things considered.

Namyse's sorcerer blood was instantly apparent due to her two-toned scales, and she was raised accordingly. Her first mentor was a friend from the Bardic College, who took her under their wing as she was trying to learn to control her budding powers.

Work in progress


Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Date of Birth
14th of Janar
Year of Birth
4000 AoS 47 Years old
Current Residence
Yellowish green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black, with green pattern
196 cm (average)
112 kg (average)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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