WorldEmber 2021 Pledge & Progress Report

Howdy one and all, and welcome to Worldember 2021! This year, I'm pledging to get at least 25,000 words down in the month of December, but my dream is to match or beat the 72k-ish mark of last year. The official WorldEmber 2021 challenge page can be found here. My most up-to-date personal progress can be found here.   Below, you will find a list of all the articles I intend to write, links when they become available, and the wordcount. My total word count will apear in the sidebar, and I will endeavor to keep this as close to updated to possible as the month progresses. Please come check out my progress and keep me accountable as I strive to reach for that much-coveted Loquacity badge.   Onwards!

Articles by Category


Generic Article

Courtship and Romance: A Cultural Comparison (2,035 words)
Symbolism of the Cobalt Protectorate Banner (726 words)


Public Baths (484 words)
Transmuter's Estate (TotT)
Winder's Guild Hall (TotT)


Astenos Fox (SK)
Howard Kinnon (SK)
Mokara Lain (1,175 words)
Pter Endrels (SK)
Roderick "Rod" Radboltzen (MS)
Sara (SK)
Viola Beau (TotT)


Arcopel Gene Drive Alterations (SK)
Cryoprotectant Therapy (888 words)
Effects of Extreme Altitudes (MS)



Armoa Conflict (SK)
Tartagloam Rout (1,425 words)



Cobalt Protectorate (2,756 words)
League of Lepidosian City-States (SK)
Queendom of Feldea (SK)
Steel Mill Corners (1,379 words)



Code of Evermorn (SK)
Nurse's Journal (TS)



Evermornan (SK)



Mycorrhizal Catacombs (1,052 words)
New Carcossa (KK)
Valleybridge (1,146 words)



CKGI Undersuit (SK)
Cogstaff (846 words)
Combat Hardsuit (Power Armor) (SK)
Desert Potage (631 words)
General Use Hardsuit (SK)
Grav Serum (507 words)
Infinity Razor (TotT)
Modular Pulse Pistol (782 words)
Vyozha of True Fate (1,310 words)



Ovinex Gestural (696 words)
Chime (995 words)



Cellulomold (1139 words)


Military Unit

Knight-Airman (SK)
Knight-Espatier (SK)



St. Martram of Zevtwill (602 words)


Natural Law

Arcana (TotT)



Aniki Labs (SK)
Craterhold Noble House (type) (MS)
Craterhold Noble House (various specific (MS)
Order of the Golden Forge (MS)
Ordo Chronoplex (974 words)
Oxo Guard (1,096 words)
Radio Frontier Xymeria (970 words)
Radio Free Manifold (401 words)
Winder's Guild (TotT)



Coming Soon!



Coming Soon!



Anniversary (1,790 words)



Ancestral Patronism (SK)
Golden Cloister (KK/TS)
Triskeleism (TotT)



Clan Lord (SK)
Director (SK)


Session Report

Coming Soon!



Foldburg (1,479 words)
Stone River Hollow (SK)
Looptown (1,147 words)



Amalgam Blank (KK)
Arcopel (SK)
Feldean (SK ver.)
Human (SK ver.)
Lepidosian (SK ver.)
Racemic Verdial (587 words)
Squalut (SK)
Vbyifabid (SK)



Anthropomorphosis (TotT)
The Word (KK)



Launch Loop (624 words)



Astronautical Terms for Cyber-Enhanced Pilots (1553 words) Esotericist Funeral (MS)



Clothier's Anomaly(820 words)
Cruiser (SK)
Powered Cog (TotT)
Star Carrier (SK)

IGP Tournament Committee Seal by BCGR_Wurth

Total Word Count


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Good luck with your 25k goal!

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Good luck with the goal! I love your organization for all your article ideas, too :D

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Excellent list! Good luck with your goals for WorldEmber this year :D

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