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Mokara Lain

Director Mokara Ilana Fyarrulain

Director Mokara Lain of Clan Fyarrulain, Elder Knight of the Cobalt Protectorate's own Cobalt Knights, is the skipper of the ESCI Revelation during its precarious journey to Ibren in the Falconer's Eye System. Cool, wise, and possessed of a great concern for the wellbeing of her crew, Director Lain is almost universally respected among colonists and CIC staff alike.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Lain exhibits the unique Evermornan human feature of a blue tinge to some of her hair. For Lain, this blue color manifests in only a single band of her hair, creating the impression of a dyed stripe. As Clan Fyarrulan's holdings are equatorial, Lain is among the darkest-skinned members of the human crew, though not as dark as some Lepidosians. She is instantly recognizeable in silhouette by her impeccable posture and confident stride.

Apparel & Accessories

As the highest-ranking Cobalt Knight aboard the Revelation, Director Lain wears a skipper's long coat across her shoulders as a badge of office.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mokara Lain was born into the household of two career Cobalt Knights representatives in the surface suburbs of Looptown. Every day of her youth, young Mokara watched the SSTOs come and go from the starport and wished she could be on them; space travel, it had always seemed, was her destiny. To make this dream come true, Ms. Lain followed in the footsteps of her mother, becoming a Cobalt Knight and, in time, graduating college with a major in astrophysics and a minor in psychology.


Director Lain has a soft spot for dominant, intellectual men. Her 'type' is perfectly embodied by Dr. Edvard Vangard, the head of the Medical Department aboard the Revelation. As Head of Medical, Dr. Vangard has the authority to override the Director under certain specific situations, making any relationship between the two a potential conflict of interests and, thus, not permissible. Despite the dubiousness of such a relationship, Lain and Vangard decide to skirt the rules together - potentially drawing the ire of the civil government or (should word somehow get back to Evermorn) a Cobalt Knights ethics inquiry.


Ms. Lain's combination of education and natual zeal for the spacer's way of life made her especially suited for orbital patrol duty over rowdy on-orbit assets. Her first assignment was as a navigator aboard the CKV Otterstone, a cruiser tasked with watching over Scrapyard and responding to near-Evermorn distress calls. Over the course of many years, Lain worked her way up in rank and proved her worthiness as a navigator, eventually earning herself a position as integrated communications officer aboard the star carrier CKV Stonebow. Here, thrust into battle in the ongoing Armoa Conflict, she excercised exemplary judgement and cool under pressure - traits which drew her to the attention of the Evermorn Strategic Colony Initiative when her tour of duty aboard the carrier was approaching its conclusion. She accepted the ESCI's commission and, two years later, is sent to Ibren aboard the Revelation.

Morality & Philosophy

Lain feels the weight of her responsibility as Director of the Ibren mission keenly and puts her full effort forward in pursuing it. The lives of thousands depend on her decisions, but everyone aboard knows they can trust her implicitly in this capacity. Lain is prepared to make difficult decisions which may include the loss of individual lives if doing so will save the rest of the ship - though she prays to the Ancestors that that decision will never have to be made.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Director Lain is famously unflappable, even in the face of provocation. As a student of human psychology, Lain is sympathetic to the needs of her crew without becoming too soft to maintain discipline. Even in situations that are ostensibly serious, she exhibits the venerable Evermornan trait of stoicism, reigning in her emotions to best 'get the job done' without denying their existence entirely.

Vices & Personality flaws

While Director Lain is competent as a leader, her judgement is not infallible. She is forced to continually walk the line between strict enforcement of discipline and the political niceties required of her station as a servant of the Protectorate.   Direct Lain is more aligned with her (mostly Cobalt Knight) staff than the colonists and, at times, is overly firm with members of civilian government when they should be working together for the good of the colonization effort as a whole. She is sometimes prone to forgetting that, while it is wartime, the Revelation's mission is peaceable and mostly civilian in nature. Conversely, she can occasionally be led astray by her emotional attachment to her crew. For example, Lain sometimes speaks too informally around her CIC staff - like Enzo Salt - which might engender loose discipline over a long enough period of time. While the Revelation's mission is largely civilian in nature, the dangers of the void mean that it is not something to be taken lightly.

Mokara Lain's Fate

Show spoiler
Director Lane dies in the course of repelling HLAI platforms (hijacked by the Aniki electronic warfare artificial intelligence) from the CIC. Her death is not in vain, however, as this buys enough time for Enzo Salt, Howard Kinnon, and numerous other Cobalt Knights to arrive and retake control of the CIC.
Lawful Good
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Circumstances of Death
Killed in the HLAI platform hijacking that preceeded the events at Ibren
Looptown outskirts, Planet Evermorn
Place of Death
ESCI Revelation
Brown, usually kept in a twist
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
128 lbs
Ancestral Patronism (Izetsu)
Aligned Organization

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