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Evermorn Strategic Colony Initiative

The Evermorn Strategic Colony Initiative (ESCI) is a Cobalt Protectorate program designed to spread human and allied human-adjacent peoples throughout the Sealed Kingdoms Region in a bid to prevent any single attack or natural disaster from extinguishing the legacy of humanity.


The ESCI was formed as part of a response to the Guardian Proclaimation, a command by Wurth Harkin, and other Protectorate founders for their Evermornan compatriots to find their 'brothers and sisters' scattered by the arcopel, bring them under the Protectorate's defensive umbrella, and generally preserve as much humanoid life and culture as possible. Prior experience with the Chitiquish had taught the Evermornans that societies could be gutted or even completely destroyed by hostile or incautious aliens already established within the nebula. The subsequent discovery by the Harkinite Expedition of near-humans' ruins on other worlds - some destroyed by nature, others by internicene warfare - merely provided more reasons to look beyond fortification to achieve the Proclaimation's goals.   While different organizations within the Protectorate pursued the aims of the Proclaimation in different ways, from establishing durable archives and seed vaults to doubling down on diplomacy and preventative military prowess, the ESCI's methods involved creating covert colonies on distant worlds. This would be done in hopes that, aside from turning humanity into a series of targets instead of just one, the time between foundings, discovery, and (if diplomacy failed) attack would be such that each colony had themselves spread out in the same way. 'Seed ships' packed with artificial wombs and operated by HLAI were the ESCI's first choice due to efficiency, but hijacking of the ESCI Dandelion as part of the Armoa Incident led designers to consider approaches where more of the crew would remain awake to counter potential threats. Generation ships of the same class as the ESCI Revelation became the more common choice for interstellar missions aligned with the ESCI, a state of affairs that persists into the present day.


The Cobalt Knights provide defense, security, and operational support for the Evermorn Strategic Colony Initiative. Some current and former Cobalt Knights choose to spend their careers as deep space colonists, recognizing that this service will expose them less to danger from Aniki Labs and the Cinnabar Hegemony and potentially more to danger from asteroid mantises, remnants of the Iron Talon Mining Concern, or even other unruly colonists.

Foreign Relations

The ESCI works with 'foreign' governments within the Protectorate's Periphery region to gather resources, recruit colonists, and investigate prospective colony worlds. The Federated Queendoms of Feldea and League of Lepidosian City-States are the largest partner states of the Protectorate and, therefore, have the largest influence on ESCI activities.


  • ESCI Revelation

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