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Radio Frontier Xymeria

Radio Frontier Xymeria (WRFX) is a Vbyifabid-owned broadcast station located in the Alpha Xymeria System.

Public Agenda

Aside from providing musical entertainment and commentary, DJ Greg Galaxy is also the most prominent source of news in the backwater that is the Xymeria Tetrahedron. His uniquely Vby - and therefore cooperative attitude - represent a well-liked departure from the stern corporatism of the Iron Talon miners in the system - not to mention the bounty office they installed as a facet of their presence in the system.   Mr. Galaxy is also notable for his frequently-expressed desire to see the Xymerian people and their way of life preserved in the face of Iron Talon salvage efforts on the Xymerian's cold, post-apocalyptic homeworld of Karst. Indeed, when the emoxi mercenary fleet known as the Whitestar Union arrives in the system, he quietly commissions them to help the Xymerian people in the face of the chitiquish 'looters.' In the end, Mr. Galaxy's long-term hope is that the sudden burst in activity in Alpha Xymeria will draw the eyes of the Cobalt Protectorate to the environmental predicament of the Xymerian home world, as, since the Xymerians are near-human, Wurth Harkin's Conservation Decree will require the Protectorate to finally come and provide assistance.


Radio Free Xymeria is broadcast from a permanent spacestation orbiting the central star of Alpha Xymeria itself. A wide orbit was chosen not only for heat management reasons, but also because this minimizes downtime due to occlusion by the star. A single large omnidirectional antenna is located at the rotational axis of the space station, making it a useful navigational target up to several light years distant.   Mr. Galaxy is always on the lookout for adjacent habitable systems, and when he discovers them, he has his crew add a directional antenna to the station's secondary array to better broadcast to those systems. This actually presented a problem to the Cobalt Protectorate as direct broadcasts towards Planet Evermorn had the unintended consequence of saturating a band of the radio spectrum often used for the Cobalt Knights deep space reconnaisance network. As RFX was far enough away that communications lag was a significant concern, the complaints of the Protectorate government - and hence the end of the unintentional jamming - only arrived long after a workaround had been achieved at the Protectorate end of the signal. Still, Protectorate citizens sometimes find it amusing that otherwise passe musical acts, like the Vbyfabid rock chorus Field of Nails or the Protectorate's own dark synth band Sleep Mode Engage, are finding new life on DJ Greg Galaxy's Variety Select Hour segment due to the light lag involved.   The RFX space station contains the local VibNet hub in addition to its primary function as a radio broadcast station. Vbyifabid are eusocial and use radio-frequency bioluminescence to communicate with one another non-verbally; the VibNet is an extension of this, connecting all Vby within a system with each other or, in truly isolated places, with artificial intelligence surrogate minds. VibNet hubs like RFX provide an important creature comfort for Vbyfabid in isolated systems like Alpha Xymeria - otherwise, the 'silence' of a place can quickly become deafening for a Vby explorer.


While it is well-known that DJ Greg Galaxy is an earth-subspecies vby, most people accept his public story of being an old asteroid miner-turned-broadcaster who came to Xymeria in search of valuable minerals and simply decided to stay. Few people, however, ask the obvious question that arises from this story: if he was the first person here and there are extremely few other vby in the system, why does his station house a powerful VibNet endpoint?   The truth, though few know it, is that Mr. Galaxy is in regular contact with a local Vbyifabid Family-Flock covert ops cell. This cell is involved in advanced reconnaisance efforts against a variety of big players in the region, including the chitiquish Iron Talon mining conglomerate, rumored Defected fugitives (including the star-trotting Lufthaus-1-Beta), and the Cobalt Protectorate in the adjacent Evermorn-Armoa Binary System. Even vby covert ops are generally well-meaning, as the species is reknowned for their universal empathy, but the 'flockmind' sometimes has inscruitable motives beyond thsoe of the individuals attached to it through the VibNet.

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A Matter of Time

"Hey babe," Enzo said, a wry smile spreading across his face. "I didn't know you'd dropped a new album."   Midori quirked an eyebrow. "...oh? Digging through my back catalogue are we, Enz-seisei?"   Enzo held out his card computer and tapped an icon on the display. The synth-boosted tones of Midori's voice - a younger, more pop-punk intonation than her current stylings - crackled out through the device's tiny speakers. "Caught this one over the old radio comms this morning. Light lag. Broadcaster's out of some star cluster roundabouts four light-years from home." Enzo grinned and bobbed his head a little to the beat. "You still got it, babe!"

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