3067 ATA

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Magmoia; the world ruled by elements.

    The intention the eight Elemental Magnates had for the creation of Magmoia was simple; to create a perfect world in their likeness. A world where these new beings could peacefully coexist, and thrive alongside one another in harmony. They split Magmoia equally, and each Magnate blessed their people with the element over which they controlled. Earth, Air, Ice, Water, Fire, Electricity, Light, and Darkness. One Magnate was so pleased with the people he had created he believed that his fellow Magnates’ creations could use… improvements. Cimmeron, the Lord of Darkness, warped and twisted the other creations without consulting his fellow Magnates. When discovered he was banished from their home of Urodar, and was forced to relinquish his control over the creations he was so proud of. Out of fear that Cimmeron may try to disrupt Magmoia’s utopian ideal the final location of Magmoia was made in secret. With Cimmeron gone, the Magnates believed the young races were finally ready to safely begin their journey on Magmoia. While the eight nations began to grow into competing civilizations Cimmeron angrily searched the universe with dark meteors in hopes one might hit Magmoia, and reveal its location to him. His plan for Magmoia was simple, take back the control of, not only his people, but all people of Magmoia.