Royal Family of Juventius

Juventius was founded by Damasus, a noble from the Sura Empire. He funded a risky expedition to escape from the wrath of the Sura Emperor, his half-brother, who saw Damasus as a threat to his throne. The nobleman left his home with his family, political allies, friends and the servants who wished to come with him, and boarded a ship for a new world.   Damasus was the first Suran to set foot on the continent of Pascent, and he settled at the junction of four rivers where the land was fertile. Overtime, the city grew up from the village they founded. The first royal house of Juventius was most correctly the House of Liburnis of Sura, but they took the name of the House of Damasus, seeking a fresh beginning independent of their home nation. Damasus didn’t formally take the throne until 22 years after founding the city, titling himself only Lord of the City before that point. He was made Manirex by popular proclamation of the populace in 22YP for his services to the city. He was proclaimed Manirex as Damasus Elatus (Damaus the Magnificent).  


Monarch | Reign| House

House Damasus
* Damasus Elatus | 22 - 45YP | House Damasus
* Linus Damasus | 45 - 90YP | House of Damasus
* Pillio Linus | 90 - 110 YP | House of Damasus
* Ruccius Pillio | 110 - 141 YP | House of Damasus
* Cosconius Pillio | 141 - 176 YP | House of Damasus
* Damasus Cosconius | 176 - 177 YP | House of Damasus

House Damasus-Eneridus
* Aufidia Cosconius | 177 - 180 YP | House of Damasus-Eneridus
* Canio Canio | 180 - 185 YP | House of Damasus-Eneridus
* Cosconius Canio | 185 - 192 YP | House of Damasus-Eneridus
* Cosconius Cosconius | 192 - 200 YP | House of Damasus-Eneridus
* Decius Cosconius | 200 - 200 YP | House of Damasus-Eneridus

House Cosmisius
* Bellius Lucretius | 200 - 245 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Ruccius Bellius | 245 - 260 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Vitor Ruccius | 260 - 282 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Amelius Ruccius | 282 - 300 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Casius Amelius | 300 - 323 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Tettidius Amelius | 323 - 351 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Bellius Tettidius | 351 - 376 YP | House of Cosmisius
*Vibius Bellius | 376 - 410 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Damasus Tettidus | 410 - 414 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Damasus Damasus | 414 - 414 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Vibius Damasus | 414 - 415 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Amelius Damasus | 415 - 417 YP | House of Cosmisius

House Damasus-Eneridus
* Gallus Tasius | 417 - 418 YP | House of Damasus-Eneridus

House Cosmisius
* Marcallas Therius | 418 - 432 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Ruccius Marcallas | 432 - 491 YP | House of Cosmisius
* Pillio Ruccius | 491 - 534 YP | House of Cosmisius

House Teniye
* Polus Vinias | 534 - 571 YP | House of Teniye
* Canus Polus | 571 - 632 YP | House of Teniye
* Erbirius Canus | 632 - 639 YP | House of Teniye
* Axius Erbirius | 639 - 679 YP | House of Teniye
* Ausonius Axius | 679 - 682 YP | House of Teniye
* Polus Ausonius | 682 - 709 YP | House of Teniye

House Iustinus
* Rennius Vel | 709 - 710 YP | House of Iustinus
* Herius Rennius | 710 - present (717 YP) | House of Iustinus


The House of Damasus was followed by the House of Damasus-Eneridus upon the death of King Damasus Cosconius without heir. His sister, and therefore her husband’s family, inherited the throne, but chose to append the name of Damasus to their house in order to improve their legitimacy.   Damasus-Eneridus ruled until 255YP, having a succession of early deaths in the family. Some of these are considered suspicious, and blame is historically placed on Atarashi, who engaged in a number of attempted invasions of Juventius at the time.   The last Damasus-Eneridus monarchs were Cosconius Cosconius and his younger brother Denius Cosconius, who passed of a fever just a few days apart; though 15 year old Denius was never officially crowned, he is generally listed in the annals of Manirex' out of respect. His sister had passed a day before him, and so the throne passed to their cousins, the grandson of Canio Canio by his daughter and a noble, Lucretius Cosmisius. Her husband's line therefore inherited the throne, beginning the House of Cosmisius.   Bellius Lucretius was 10 when he took the throne, and his father acted as regent until his age of majority. The Cosmisius family ruled uninterrupted until 417 YP, a reign of 217 years. However after the death of Ruccius Bellius, whose sons were known for their lavish lifestyles and many male lovers, the dynasty began to lose its popularity. Vitor’s and then his nephew Casius’ deaths without heir within 40 years were used as propaganda to question the security of their rule.   Tettidus Amelius managed to quell a rebellion of nobles that rose after Casius’ death, which left only simmering resentment for the monarchs. His son Bellius Tettidius managed to repel an invasion by Caepio during his reign, but his lack of a child and subsequent adoption of his general Vibius Sinius, later Vibius Bellinus, was unpopular.   Vibius held onto the throne by force of will and military prowess, but he also died without heir, leaving the throne to Damasus Tettidus - Bellius Tettidus’ brother. Damasus Tettidus lasted four short years before he was assassinated, his lavish lifestyle and the new taxes he imposed on the merchants causing strife. No assassin was apprehended but historians suggest the Guild of Jewellers orchestrated the assassination due to the impossibly heavy taxes he had announced to be levied on their trade   A Caepio-supported noble rebellion was launched upon Damasus Tettidus’ death and his son Damasus Damasus was killed during an attempt to besiege the Lord Loreius’ estate, less than a year after being crowned. His brothers Vibius Damasus and Amelius Damasus fared little better; Vibius died during a dinner, poisoned. Amelius was struck by an arrow while leading the army against the forces of Lord Tullus’ who sought to sack the city.   Juventius City was seized by Lord Tullus following Amelius’ death, and he installed a distant cousin of the Damasus-Eneridus dynasty, 17 year old Gallus Tasius, as Manirex. Gallus was forced to flee into exile just over a year later when Marcallas Therius, a Naeus supported member of the Cosmisius family, routed Lord Tullus’ forces from the city.   Marcallas managed to bring peace to the kingdom, placating the nobility with a reorganisation of the government. He formed an advisory council of nobles, granted the guilds new tax breaks, and appointed Lord Loreius as the commander of the military, while assuring peace with Naeus and Caepio through marriages to his daughters.   His son was 13 when he took the throne, causing a regency of nobles to be formed - which was popular within the aristocracy. Cosmisius rule continued until 534, when the elderly Pillio Ruccius died in a fire that destroyed much of the Royal Fortress. His two sons and several prominent nobles died in the same fire, which was thought to be suspicious. The closest living relatives being Marcallas’ daughters grandson Sienel, who was reigning King of Naeus. It was seen by the nobility as a scandal to let a King of Naeus also rule Juventius, and so he gave the Juventian throne to his younger brother.   Polus Vinias had the new Royal Palace of Juventius constructed to replace the damaged Royal Fortress, which he saw as impractical - positioned on an island as it was. He also built the new outer walls of the expanded city to improve its defence.   The House of Teniye ruled a peaceful period for the next 200 years - their alliance with Naeus deterring more major threats from neighbours. However in 709 Polus Ausonius died without heir, and his aunt’s great grandson was the closest relative. Rennius Vel being the son of the Lord Iustinus, an anti-Naeus aristocrat. Naeus demanded that their King’s second son be given the throne, but the nobility of Juventius refused and Naeus and Caepio cooperated to launch an invasion of Juventius. Rennius Vel was killed leading troops against the invasion, and his son now rules.

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