Vacancia Telluruun-Thribe

Inventor of the printing press.

"I worked with Vacancia at Jamaira, we were both scribes. I remember when she had her idea. She said something about branding irons and ink and ran out of the room. I didn't see her for a while after that. The next I met her she was busy at the market trying to buy up as much ink as she could get, which wasn't a lot mind you, scribes don't make very much. Then I hear something about a mechanical scribe and I wasn't sure what to think."

Forged of Ink and Iron

Vacancia was born the daughter of a blacksmith and a scholar in the bustling hub of Darapur. Her early life consisted of helping her father at the forge and learning to read and to write from her mother while she wasn't away gathering information for her studies. This gave her a powerful foundation in academics, metalurgy, and construction. She began to work at Jamaira as a scribe in her teen years. It is here that she would first envision a way to speed up the work of a scribe and where she would meet the - now famous - traveler and author, Takalia.

The Printing Press

When Vacancia first started working as a scribe she really enjoyed learning from each successive text that she was tasked to copy but as time went on she was tasked with copying works she already had, sometimes several times over. It was then that she began to imagine a way to copy entire pages or books really quickly. During one particularly prolonged copy session she spilled ink over her hand as she became drowsy. When she saw the print of her claw on the paper she remembered seeing a branding iron once. In that moment the first ideas came into place for what would become an invention that may very well change the course of history.   It took many years from that moment to accumulate the materials and knowledge to make a functional press and another to work out the problems. During this year of troubleshooting, she created moveable type greatly increasing the speed at which different documents or pages of a book could be printed. In the spring of 56 it was ready and the first ever document was printed by the printing press.


Standing at an average tengu height of 1.5 metres, Vacancia is unassuming in appearance. Her feathers are in shades of brown and often stained with ink or blackened by the forge fire at the ends of her arms. Her favourite article to wear is her leather smithy apron, she appreciates the large pockets in the front for holding tools and other useful items.

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The City of Scholars

Of all of the cities on Breharan, one stands above the rest in terms of an educated population. It is the city that produced the most famous explorer of all time - Darosi - and created the first publically accessible educational institution - Jamaira.
Settlement | Aug 27, 2023

City of scholars and explorers.

Date of Birth
10 Summer 22 EX
Year of Birth
22 44 Years old


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