Printing Press

"We shall see that there can be a book in every home. Can you picture it? A country where everyone can read. An unstoppable force of culture, tourism, and thinking. Our stories will be known far and wide. Current events in small villages within days. A land of information, story, and business.   Imagine the difference we could make. We could bring attention to issues that normally get hidden from the public ear. Imagine the difference we could have made if people knew of the corruption of Councillor Ferai before his appointment. Imagine the difference if people knew about the working conditions in the mines. We could save lives, improve them."   -Vacancia, creator of moveable type


Currently the press is being used to disseminate information about current events in the areas of culture, politics, and business. The creator is optimistic about the impact but fears that it could be used for spreading misinformation or propaganda.


Each little piece of type must be forged perfectly to be able to stay in the frame when pressed onto the paper. The letter prints in particular are designed to not cause too much blotting of the ink.

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Access & Availability
There is currently only one place with a printing press. The one created by Vacancia in Darapur. The products have travelled much further than the home city of the printing press.
Operating the printing press requires many finely made little pieces of type. It also requires a lot of paper of a certain quality.
Vacancia had the idea upon seeing a business stamp their logo and motto onto a document. They wondered if it would be possible to stamp an entire page or book in the same way. The first complete press was completed in year 56.


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