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Peace of Leandor

The Peace of Leandor is the peace treaty passed by the leaders of the Southern Alliance after the Great War in October of 1115 CE, three months after the final battle in July. The Kings of Eleonis, Lupear and Aguilear, Ealdir Angeleos, Maorcas Aorelis, and Nicoleas Meados came together, mainly to discuss the reparations the losing side, the kingdom of Urtheon, now ruled by young King Marian Soanis, the son of the man who had started the war altogether and had been killed in the last battle of the war, would have to pay.

For Urtheon, this meant paying a considerable amount, either in coin or other resources. The exact amount was determined for each of the three kingdoms individually according to the individual casualties of each one, considering both human and material losses. In addition, Urtheon was forced to give up quite a lot of territory to the two bordering kingdoms, Eleonis and Lupear. This included a large portion of the previously urtheonian part of the Silver Mountains, which meant that the kingdom also lost access to several profitable silver and iron mines, considerably limiting the kingdoms access to those valuable resources.

Furthermore, agreements between the three parties of the Southern alliance also had to be made. The territory of the eleonian Lordship of Leandor, which after the war was without a leader, was split equally between the three kingdoms of the alliance. The capital city of the same name, having been the capital of Eleonis for a long time and holding great cultural significance in the kingdom, remained on eleonian territory. Since Aguilear did not recieve any of the formerly urtheonian Silver Mountains, a trade agreement was made, assuring a certain amount of silver or resources of equal value would be shipped to Aguilear annually.

This treaty was signed by the three Kings of the alliance as well as the urtheonian King, but the latter did not have a vote on the decisions made, since his father had assured an unconditional surrender, if he lost the duel he had proposed in order to end the war, which he did. It was announced in each of the kingdoms by a public announcement initiated by the King, though the urtheonian King made sure to clarify that the conditions had not in any way been his idea.

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