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History of ‚Sun‘ operations


"The world has forgotten just to what we are capable to. It has been a long time since mortality has seen the true capabilities of Etherium.
This millenium craves to see the sun once more. Epecially after the world betrayed my predecessor: An example is of utmost need."

General Field MarshalIngratus Fide (4986)

The digital manuscript, written and curated by Vigor, the god of War is only accessible to Enlightened Watchers living in the very brain of Terminus, the Omniscient, the artifical moon Konesans. It is considered a dangerous document due to Vigor's depiction of the naked truth of their intentions.
Manuscript, Historical
Digital Recording, Text
Authoring Date
An ongoing secret diary of a doubting god.
Signatories (Organizations)

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