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A humble enough township on the west coast of the country of United Almerican Provinces. Its sleepy facade hides a slowly stirring underbelly, where the shady and the unscrupulous work unseen and unknown. Only a few people know of the dark side, and those few only know because they've encountered it, to varying degrees, and are thus jaded to it all.
In the center of town, in a structure long since labeled 'for lease', an upstart company has strolled in and set up shop. The sign on the window reads SDI, subtitled Supernatural Defense Initiative. What that means is anyone's guess, and many have taken shots in the dark that it's some new government agency collecting data on the locals for some reason. Others, meanwhile, think this company, whatever it is, is trying to protect them, though when those people are questioned "protect us from what?", they can only shrug.
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