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Supernatural Defense Initiative

Known otherwise as the Shalan Defense Initiative.
No one quite knows its ties and affiliations, save that it's run by an enigmatic felid calling herself Shala. She is taking notes and enlisting those unaffected by the time stalls to protect the regular folk from harm by supernatural forces. Some say they have ties to law enforcement, others to government agencies, but either way, this group evidently seems keen on protecting civilian lives, especially given that the time stops prevent civilians from protecting themselves.
  On the public site of SDI, one can find a, at the time, placeholder page that simply lists 3 stages of priority- low, medium, and high- and a message stating that "There are no additional contracts to display." The page is known as the SDI Contracts Archive. If you have membership with the organization, you can view details of the various completed contracts.
  Becoming a member of SDI affords one a great array of protections, which are arranged, and agreed upon by law enforcement.  First and foremost among them is flexibility in the 'vigilante' sphere; as long as it can be confirmed that acting would save lives, and as long as collateral damage is minimized, enforcement will look the other way, at worst, and pay for the deed, at best.  SDI has negotiated a "finders keepers" clause, which allows its agents to procure select belongings(weapons, armors, loose change) from threatening persons(herein referred to as 'dangers' stealing everything that's not bolted down is still heavily frowned upon, however, and SDI will press charges accordingly.  Any dangers that can be proven guilty of a crime, and that haven't been taken out in an ensuing battle, is given their due diligence in the court system.  Bounties on wanted dangers are given to the connected parties, with only a small fraction(1-5%) being shaved off the top for SDI.

We Know, We Protect

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