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Aelsynda is a woman of the Elves, who was the lover of Erikol, Wolf of the North. She is the sister of Taeyran.   She travelled the wild places of Kaevil out of sheer wonder in the safer times and composed poems, still known to the elves to this day, naming those places that she found beautiful or terrible or worthy of note and the elves still use the names she chose when they refer to those places. Her words could weave magic and her particular gift was to shape light into being.   On one such journey she encounter Erikol, Wolf of the North as he confronted a ravaging Troll and, horrified by the malevolence of the creature she saved the Norlander's life and helped to slay the Troll. Erikol wooed her and she learned to love him despite his mortality and his time-bound destiny and chose to accompany him on his journeys, in the face of much protest from her own kindred. She made his crusade against the Trolls her own cause and stood alongside him in his fiercest battles, and forged a weapon, Aelsynda's sword that was potent against her enemies.   She fell in battle against Trollkin some years before Erikol, Wolf of the North's death and lies at rest, perfectly preserved rest inside Erikol's Crag.
Alsiwnda (alsiʊnda) - "Most Beautiful Song" in Siwn:
"Vi dehahsil mij namad" - She always brought harmony

Current Location
Year of Death
Circumstances of Death
Slain by trolls

The subject of Namer of Names - a song composed by her brother Taeyran

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