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Erikol, Wolf of the North

Erikol (a.k.a. Wolf of the North)

Erikol died 250 years ago at the age of forty. He lived during a period of great strife and served as a mercenary in the pay of a number of patrons during the early years of his career. At the age of twenty-eight, though, he met and fell in love with an Elven woman named Aelsynda and became instead a staunch enemy of the Trolls that then menaced the land.   He still demanded payment for his services (He had sworn an oath when a young man never to shed his blood for free, "for many brave fools died penniless for the cause of rich cowards"), but famously sometimes charged a single penny to those in true peril.   He was known as The Wolf for his ferocious battle-howl and at one time he led a company of over a hundred men in raids against the trolls. He wore a dwarf made war helm - Erikol's Helm.   His legend says that his beloved Aelsynda took a mortal wound from in battle with a Troll witch and abandoned this world for the realm of light wherein elven spirits rest. Erikol, unable to follow her, departed into the wilderness, stating his cause as "to seek the death that is my poor destiny, and to die only when my name has become a curse and a scourge upon my foes." Aelsynda lies in a tomb within Erikol's Crag.   The truth of it was that Aelsynda indeed died (As much as Elves can) but her body is within Erikol's vault. Erikol continued to sortie against the Trolls in the mountains for several years and fell in battle, his body unburied on the battlefield, 250 years ago.

760 800 40 years old
Circumstances of Death
Fell in battle against trolls

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