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Namer of Names

Namer of names, her words were light
And sunshine pierced the deepest dark
Whene'er she spake, where e'er she went
In deepest gloom a kindled spark
Would shine and brighten blackest night   Beasts, oceans, hills, each tree and star
Were given name and loved each one
By she whose light itself is spent
By she most dear who now is gone
To realms unknown, to lands afar   Most wise, forsaking wisdom's guide,
She chose her path, one not her own,
At her farewell each heart was rent
And songs were sung of beauty flown
Her light shone in the tears undried   In mortal lands, her glory veiled
She strove and striving with the foe
She fell beneath the firmament
Of fire and darkness and of woe
Her light was dimmed and power failed     Lost is she now, and in the plight
Of world grown dark, her voice we miss
Her lilting tones, the sweet accent
Of laughing song, her touch, her kiss,
Namer of Names, her words were light

Originally titled Minin Aiminem*, a song of the Elves crudely translated into the language of the Norlander folk. By tradition it was composed by Taeyran, brother of Aelsynda of whom the song speaks.     * Only a brief fragment in the original Siwn exists, covering the first stanza:   Minin aiminem vi ddem si had
vur alsi si idd mach alin vavrwd
Re vi siwnˈdasad, ˈ
Misme vi ˈruhed
Ho alin mach na ragle vassad
Dwn vur almarmach odlaj


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