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Tall and ethereally beautiful, the elves are seen as spirits made flesh, as beings closer to celestial than mortal. Humans tend to react to them with awe or as is typical of humans – with mistrust of something so glorious. They seem to hold themselves apart from the trials and tribulations that humans see as so integral and important to the world. Politics, rivalries, feuds, trade, disease… the elves seem to just drift between these things.   It is said that they are immortal. Certainly accounts of the same individual elf may be found in human chronicles extending back for generations. When they choose to move among humans they usually do so for some specific purpose of their own. They are swift and strong and seem to have some of the unusual perceptions that human sorcerers possess, though to the elves these are natural and come with no drawbacks.   If they have a homeland, or settlements, no human being knows of such a place. The only elves that are known to have been encountered are those who have ventured into places where humans dwell or travel. According to some scholars some elves can magically conceal their nature and appear human if they choose.

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