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Mosela Pale Eyes (ˈMo-Zeh-Lah)

Princess Mosela Ramatla

Mosela Pale Eyes is arguably one of the best bards in Iolera, if not all of Kadeth. This is not just flowery hyperbole, but the voice of one who knew her and fought at her side. A prodigy with stringed instruments, a strong wielder of bardic magic, and an accomplished rapier fighter in her own right, she was quickly welcomed into the ranks of those bands dotting our countryside named "adventurers."   Mosela, who rarely uses her family name, is most famous as a member of the Blue Hawks, the band that rid Troyso of Dorzath, the Beguiler in a battle that spawned many a tale and song. Today, she lives a life of semi-retirement, teaching a few select students at her small manor of Katleho.  

Early Life

But the seventh child went off on their own, for they longed for the untrodden path.
— Aswarnan Fairy Tale
  Born Mosela Ramatla, seventh and youngest child of the late Queen Palesa of Aswarn, Mosela Pale Eyes was accustomed to a life of comfort and privilege, and was frequently spoiled and allowed to get away with pranks. The young princess was also known for her incendiary temper, as well as her penchant for getting into scrapes. She loved tales of adventure, and was passionate about her rapier lessons.   Like the rest of her few blue-eyed ancestors, she had the gift of telepathy, the ability to send messages a short distance from her mind to another's. Her musical talent was obvious from the start, as she often easily outstripped her tutors, and was known to be able to coax a tune out of any stringed instrument, even if she had never played before.   When Mosela, already showing signs of bardic magic, made the decision to become an adventurer, her temper had her leaving both the royal family and the palace at high velocity. When her mother first heard Mosela's plans for the future, Queen Palesa flatly forbid it. The future bard launched into a scathing tongue-lashing that ended with her renouncing her right to the throne, and saying some unforgiveable things that got her bodily removed from the building.  

Journey into the Unknown

Well, the plan will work, or it won't --- either way, it'll be spectacular.
— Mosela Pale Eyes
  Nothing kept Mosela down, though. She quickly fell in with a trained bard who followed the College of Swords school of thought. He trained her further in music, bardic spellwork and swordplay before they had an explosive fight that ended the partnership. Still, he had taught her enough to call herself a bard in her own right.   Mosela went on to join the Silverdawn Company, and distinguished herself in their very first job, clearing an abandoned nest of Blue Dragon wyrmlings. She managed to keep most of the younglings lulled into sleep with her dulcimer long enough to cut the numbers down, and her telepathy helped the team to coordinate more effectively.   The bard managed to stay with the Silverdawns for several years before losing the party a lucrative job when she insulted the client. Mosela made a concerted attempt to hold her temper from then on, but the damage was done. However, those years were not ill-spent, and she easily found a spot in another party that was in town.   Most of Mosela's career was spent bouncing from group to group, but still her fame spread through story and song - not all of them written by her. Finally, she landed among the Blue Hawks. There, she found a true team and a home. She fought with them for close to seven years.   As her fame spread and time passed, she slowly began to reconcile with many of her siblings. Generally, they were the ones who weren't in the throne room during her heated rant, but she also was reinstated as a Princess of Aswarn by her sister, Queen Ntsebo Ramatla, once Ntsebo gained the throne. Others, like her sister Naleli, have never forgiven her, and she sadly did not make peace with her parents before their deaths.  

Dorzath, the Beguiler

Her stance was firm, her hearing keen,
Her gaze was clear and bold.
She led the way through ruined glade,
To Dorzath's warped and twisted hold.
— 'The Lay of Cailiana' by Mosela Pale Eyes
  When the Kingdom of Troyso put out the call for a band of adventurers to deal with a demon in their realm, the Blue Hawks felt they were ready. The team finished up business in Geirsa and headed over the Shauram Mountains to Troyso.   Dorzath had made her lair in the Bexlow Forest, just over the border of Orlelenor, the realm of the elven people. Her very presence had twisted and corrupted the area around her sanctuary more with each passing day. She was a demon strong in the magic of charms and seduction, and could turn a warrior against his own side as she needed to. Rarely did she have to defend herself.   The Blue Hawks' luck was not with them that day. The very ground around their feet fought back, as slick as glass, and all at angles. And although they had as much protection as they could layer on in armor and spells, Dorzath's powers were frequently able to overwhelm their minds. Mosela and the cleric Hespine Amberate were forced to spend spell after spell breaking the enchantments cast on their teammates, and each other. It effectively took them out of the fight, leaving a four person team to take on the mighty demon.   Dorzath was finally defeated, sent back to whatever hell she came from, but it was at a great price. The Goliath warrior Argan Agu-Vukate was gravely wounded, his arm severed from his body. Even more costly, the team's leader, the elven paladin Cailiana Evengaze, lay dead at the foot of the twisted and blacked oak that had housed Dorzath. Both Mosela and Hespine were distraught. Having to use so much magic to keep the team's minds clear, they had nothing left in them to heal or resurrect their comrades.  


Although Troyso and its people were visibly grateful, and showered the remaining Blue Hawks with hospitality and gifts, the team was somber at its loss. They had achieved fame and fortune, like they had hoped, but the rewards were bittersweet. Instead, they soon dispersed into lives of quiet anonimity. Mosela's many tales and songs, a sizeable body of work, live on. Her most famous was her masterwork, the tale of Dorzath's defeat, "The Lay of Cailiana."


Mohapi and Khabane

  Mosela's instruments are as famous as she is. Her oldest and most trusted instrument is her dulcimer, but her lute is the one she goes to when she needs a bit more power. She named her dulcimer Khabane, or "Warrior," early on in her studies, as she felt it was as much a weapon for her as her sword. It was a gift from the Bard she travelled with after leaving the royal family.   Mosela purchased her lute during the excitement after her first successful job with the Silverdawn Company. She waited to name it, though, until she felt she knew its personality. When she found herself using it often as the instrument that helped finish opponents, she named it Mohapi, or "Victor."   Both instruments survive to this day, despite the hardships of travel and combat. They hang in places of honor in Mosela's manor home.
Lawful Good
Current Status
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
1207 NE 58 Years old
Current Residence
Pale blue
Greying Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Vonoma, Goddess of Music
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

The Lay of Cailiana

  Mosela Pale Eyes' masterpiece is both poignant and stirring. It captures the strength, leadership, and resolve of the Blue Hawks' leader, as well as telling the tale of what happened that day. At twelve verses long, the ballad does not shirk from passing acclaim around, either, granting each Blue Hawk their share of the glory. Ultimately, though, the song is far more about the loss of a great individual than it is the tale of a demon's defeat.  


  Mosela's manor home is named Katleho, or "Success" in her native language. Situated not far from the capital city of Savovento in the country of Galieri, the brick mansion serves as a sort of ad hoc boarding school for her chosen students. These students are not simply children with rich parents, but rather those with stunning natural talent, culled from all ranks of society. Mosela finds these prodigies through her extensive network of friends and colleagues across several nations. To be taught there is a high honor, as she only takes on a few students at a time, and only the best of the best.

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12 Feb, 2022 05:26

The quote that you start the Journey into the Unknown section with, that right there sums up the party's bard.   You did a very good job making her personality come through in the article. The beginning reads much like I wish my players would give for a character background, and the end feels like a wonderful summary of a campaign. Realizing there is not much editing time left I did have a couple of questions.   As her Fame grew did she ever reconcile with any family member, maybe not her parents but even a sibling or cousin?   Why was there no adult dragon to protect the wyrmlings? This one more because i like reading about dragons in peoples worlds, do they care for their young or pull a sea turtle (lay eggs and leave)?   If her students are recruited how is the recruiting done, is it through past party members or former Bard College acquaintances?   You have a very well written and well formatted article. Good job.

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All good questions, and I've added some answers into the article. I'd say the dragon nest was a rare case of abandonment, although the real reason is that the team would have been flattened at that point in their careers. As to the family drama, luckily I already had 2 of her sisters created and could mention them. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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This is a great article. I love your quotes, specifically the second one. I love that she has a temper and bounced from group to group, and I think you've told a very effective story. I also like how you've named her instruments and home. Additionally, this article is visually appealing.

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Great character :D You really managed to portrayed her well and make her character comes through the article, and with what I see you've added thanks to drunkenpanda's comment, the article feels very complete.   She really did have quite a temper! Seems like it's a miracle she reconciled with some of her family after all XD did she really got better later in life, or was it that the Blue Hawks were willing to tolerate a lot more because they liked her?

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She learned some coping/stalling techniques - counting to ten, leaving the building, etc. - but once she could let go, she'd explode. I haven't figured out the other Blue Hawks characters entirely, but I'm sure they all had flaws and could relate. Plus, it channeled well into her fighting.

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Great work and it deserves much more love. From royality to a fighting bard to kill a demon... it has it all. Drunkenpanda says it all and I'll cheer for you. Splendid work indeed. :)

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Of course, adventurer would be a fitting career choice for a loose tongue bard. I wonder how her learning experience affected her role in the adventuring group.

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Nice read! You really put some thought in the background and I actually like the little detail that the telepathy is linked to her eye color in a way. It is sad that her group disbanded after saving the realm but it is understandable that the grief was too hard to bear.

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