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Sher (Shur)

The Sher are one of 8 ethnic groups within the country of Aswarn. Located primarily at the base of the Somada Mountains, the Sher have a highly developed civilization and are the ruling ethnic group in Aswarn. A matriarchal society, the Sher have adopted a ruling Monarchy like their neighbors, but with a Royal Queen being in charge. The council of advisors are always female elders of the tribe, as well. The current Queen, Ntsebo Ramatla, has done much to widen Aswarn's place in the world, sending diplomats and marriageable children to various countries, and importing craftsmen, engineers, and inventors.   Much of the success of the Sher tribe can be traced to their mastery and even elevation of the art of glassblowing. The sand in the desert around them is of a high quality for glass-making, and the ingredients for colorants are abundant. It is estimated that the Sher have developed over a dozen original glass-making techniques, and their wares have a high demand. The most sought after, however, and the source of their wealth, are specially crafted mageosensitive crystalline orbs. The method of crafting these orbs requires a master glassblower and a magical adept, and is a closely guarded secret. Each orb acts as rechargeable magical battery, with the magic caster filling the globe ahead of time, then drawing on the orb later when their own magic is spent, or to double the strength of a spell. Recently, it has been discovered that planar energies can be captured in these orbs, as well, with some additional preparation. This is likely to open up even more markets for the Sher.
No one knows who the inventors of the first Mageosensitive (ˈMahj-Ee-Oh-ˌSen-Suh-Tive) Crystalline Orb were, or how they came to discover that glass had a potential for storing magical energy. But the many possibilities for spell casters drove demand beyond what the Sher could supply. The fact that the spheres, although thick crystal, were still breakable made them even more expensive to acquire. The richest of spellcasters can often only afford one Orb.
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Spherical Developments

Very recently, news has come of a new use for Orbs. According to gnome scientist Zanwor Togglereach of Troyso, he and his team have recently been successful in modifying the orbs to contain planar energy, specifically from Izith. This breakthrough came about while they were searching for a cure for a mysterious and dangerous malady. Only the future will show how this change can and will be implemented.


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