Rovertech Armor

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Also known as wearable rovers, or power suits, these scaled down robots fit over the pilots body. They don't have very delicate controls and are mainly used for heavy lifting in smaller spaces, or in unfavorable environments for your regular rovers. Often used for Railrunner maintenance, alongside Rovers in warehouses, or just to showoff.   Taking the existing idea of where-able powered construction tools and combining it with the more sophisticated electronics found on Jaumun. This armor is more delicate, lighter weight. It was first used as a prosthetic enchantment for personal reasons, but quickly took off in the on the space-station as a fashion accessory. While still a fairly new tech, its starting to make its way onto Jaumun and used by people to virtually 'physically' connect with The Source. Cybers are split over if its a good thing or not, but data miners and digital treasure hunters find them extremely useful.


Industrial: Primuc Actuation
Fashion: JAW Solutions
Parent Technologies

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