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Rovers are small piloted robots designed for assisting manual labor, such as moving heavy equipment or large stacks of crates. This technology was later expanded for sport reasons and advanced to include larger robots made mainly for combat.  


Small piloted robots, ideal for heavy lifting. Usually the driver, or pilot, simply sits atop the robot and pilots it with levers. Some have a seat mounted right on top with a raised control panel, while others have a bucket type indentation for the seat and controls to rest in. The bucket sort are much more popular these days, especially among the sorting communities as it provides better protection for the pilot with less risk of falling out.


Hyperrovers were designed with bugcombat in mind. They're large to mimic the size of the bug invaders, and fully enclosed for protection. They are also designed to handle in many sorts of environments, such as under water, in the air, and land. Some can even function in space.
They were created in a joint effort between the Vondren Military and the Jaumun Government solely for use in the Alliance Military. They are much more sophisticated than an average rover, combining the mechanics of the Four Es Corporation and electronics of the Cybertronics and Networking Corporation.

Hyperrover Dreadnoughts

Hyperrover dreadnaughts didn't really take off. They were two large for one person alone to control, but two people controlling them was clunky at best.
Planet responsible for this Advancement
Leading Manufactures
Four Es Corporation

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