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The Four Es Corperatian, or 4EsCo, is a rover manufacturing corporation and the leader in Rovertech advancements and production. Most Rovers and HyperRovers on the Vondren side are built by them. They also build the only Hyperrover Dreadnought.


The Four E's corporation was originally founded as Eve's Robotics, as a tinker shop and hobby of Evellyn Edwardc. Early on the company became intertwined with the Vondren Government and Evellyn herself would take a part in helping Agada Dimidric herself refine her Cryolidhium Crystal Power.
This early claim to fame kept the company going long after her life time.   The Company was rebranded to Four E's Robotics by Emmedd Ezehiel Edwardc 'Esquire' (the 1st) a self proud descendant of Evellyn's who enjoyed naming things (and people) after himself.
He was more a robotisist than a business man though, and the company's money was running low by the time he took over. Without the brand recognition or funding it once had the company almost fell apart. Luckily his daughter, Emmedd Ezehiel Edwardc 'Esquire' the 2nd, was a shrewd business minded woman. She begain makign connectiong and talking up her father's skills to any who would listen.
As soon as the company started seeing revenue it was invested back into itself. This mainly took the form of buying up smaller businesses that made they parts they used and backing new emerging technologies. She took his inventions and company and turned them into a corporate giant. The first of its kind.
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