Criolidhium Crystal Power

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Criolidhium Crystal Power, as the name suggests, this power is generated by Criolidhium Crystals.   The first attempt at powering things with Criolidhium involed simply welding a crystal to an object using metal caps. While this method works, it's also unpredictable and unstable. Not always powering things in the proper ways, or powering things that should not be powered.
The crystals are hard to come by and dangerous to obtain, so a refining method was invented that could stabilize them, as well as stretch their use to many items.   Most things now use Refined Criolidhium, a (relitivly)safer and less recource intensive way to use Criolidhium.


Used to power just about everything. From spacestations to handheld devices, if its powered, its likely powered by refined criolidhium.   The common way of life now in the Jaumun Federation, Vondren Military, and ZaVida Mutuality is due to this invention.
Agada Dimidric
All that's needed is Refined Criolidhium, a way to store it, a connector, and a thing to power.
Invented after the The Calamity.

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