Primuc Actuation

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Manufacturer of Rovertech Armor and subsidiary of Four Es Corporation.


Primuc Actuation started out as a manufacture of actuators.
They were engulfed under the umbrella of Four Es Corporation back when Emma Edwardc was in charge of it. For a long time they simply produced actuators for 4EsCo. But when Emma died and her young Grandson took over, they saw their chance to try and break free and branch out. They began selling parts to a Zavi based company, JAW Solutions.   The extra freedom and revenue allowed them to start innovating. With some assistance from Jaw, they developed a wearable construction tool they called Rovertech Armor.   Unfortunately once the bug war ended so too did their freedom from 4EsCo. They are now fully considered a subsidiary of the corporation.
While JAW Solutions later took the idea of rovertech armor in another direction, Primuc Actuation is still the only manufacturer of the industrial version.
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