Tome of Magic After The End

Sure, the world has ended, but look to the future - it is bright with magical potential. Just be sure some of that 'potential' doesn't take the form of a firebolt cauterizing your face.  
— Sunlit Rose
  The Tome of Magic After The End is both a magical artifact and extraordinary book that details both the changing landscape of magical theory and the plethora of new spells made possible after the End of All Things. Created by an ambitious and idealistic wizard by the name of Sunlit Rose, it is continually updated with every new discovery that she makes. At the same time, the enchantments placed on the Tome ensure it always returns to her.   With such reassurance, Rose is happy to lend her work to adventuring parties in good standing and other friends, finding the added perspectives to be most helpful in painting a more complete picture.  


The Tome is a large, hefty volume with an indeterminable and seemingly endless number of tough vellum pages. The reinforced steel covers plain save for a sunburst symbol on the center, and the occasional nick, burn, or acid mark. The inside is divided into two - the finished part, which is neatly indexed, organized, and easy to follow... And the work-in-progress part, which is a nightmare of hastily scrawled notes, corrections made in the margins, and excited outbursts about some new discovery or another.   The finished part is curated by Rose for some editorial polish, while the work-in-progress have voices of about a dozen other individuals and not all of them wizards.  
Besides magical theory, spells, and her own research, the Tome of Magic After The End contains quotations and recollections from people who have survived their effect, when such can be collected. These quotes are usually provided by Rose's adventuring friend, as they run into evil wizards with alarming regularity.
  The Tome has been enchanted with Earth and Astral Magic, both to make it resistant to damage of all kinds, to allow it many more pages than even its impressive bulk, and so Rose can recall it to her side through a permanent Whims of Destiny spell.  


Magic Theory

Magic is nothing like it was before. There's no end to the wonders and terrors of the new world, unguarded by any gods of the arcane (that one is for better or worse, certainly). It has never been easier for Magic to go awry than now, and it holds endless potential for making the world a better place.  
— Sunlit Rose
Magic in Ithekshem
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 14, 2020

An overview of magic in the world - a natural force run amok, an energy disrupted, a world-shaking disaster without end.





      [Chicken scratch drawing]
    [Entire section crossed out wildly]


For more of Rose's notes and thoughts on the things she finds, readers are referred to the content part of the book.

Power - Rarity

Greater - Unique  

Magic Used

Earth, Astral    

Other Contributors

Discovering the world after an apocalypse is not a one-woman job. Fortunately, Rose has several allies and friends willing to chip, even if it consists of just telling her how bad some weird magical place was.  

Brill of the Storm

A potent Air mage with an interest (some say obsession) with dead divinities, Brill is also a skilled artist who has contributed to Rose's work by replacing her chicken-scratch drawings with actual illustrations.  


A Nature mage who specialize in fungi, mushrooms, and moss, Fungemy has carried the tome on several occasions throughout her experiments with Nature magic.  

Apollo & Oda

Two sisters who keep flocks of Scream Beak around their domain. They are authorities on all things feathered or birdy.  
A scrawled note on the next page reads "Continue soon!"
by Miguel Eins

Cover image: by Reza Afshar


Author's Notes

Hi!   The contributors are just a fun shout-out to my friends on WorldAnvil, who have supported me in my writing journey. They haven't actually contributed to Ithekshem yet, but they are super-cool people and you should go check them out!

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