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Undric Region

It was great, once. Great, but darker than the blackest of nights.
  In years long past, the region east of the Everfall Mountains belonged to the country of Undria. There is little trace of the former nation's rulings in the current region, though its architecture and infrastructure remains in some fashion. Even the city bearing the old land's name is nothing more than a shadow of its former self.   The shadows cast by the Everfall Mountains were seen as a source of power, and from this darkness sprung powerful clerics and warriors that could fight under cover of night without issue. They made fearsome foes, even for those similarly adapted to fight under the cover of night, for they fought with the belief that their deities would return them to the shadows as apparitions and reincarnations if they were to fall. Their downfall was the creation of Terra Arcana. Many of their forces had turned to arcane magic, and the nation was left shattered without them. The Aletheian Empire took advantage of the chaos and won with ease, allowing the country's history to fade into obscurity and declaring it as yet another administrative region to be ruled by their own regents. Solariste was established, too, as a bastion of light within the so-called 'realm of shadow' - this would later benefit them greatly after the Worldrend caused the blight of Tenaerul to begin.   In current days, the Undric Region stretches from the eastern base of the Everfall Range to the mountains south of Lake Kelestra. Its rulers maintain the name of 'Undria' in honour of Undria's treaty of surrender: the fallen country had required that their princess be allowed to marry an Aletheian prince to provide a regent that would be accepted by the region's people and Aletheia's both, and Aletheia had acquiesced. Whilst the original Undrian line eventually faded from existence, their blood still runs within that of the Aletheian Royal Family. As such, regents of Undria alter their surnames to respect this.
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