Named after the sirens that supposedly watch over the town, Syronicea is an ancient fishing town with strong ties to the magical wildlife inhabiting the land and sea around it.


The majority of the town are humans, with a small undine minority due to the town's history. Half-elves and other half-breed species find the town's reaction to magical beings relaxing, and thus the town has found itself becoming home to more half-humans as time goes on.


The current town mayor, a slightly narcissistic half-elf named Cyrus Arkistos, obeys Aletheian rule and brings any town issues up at the court of placeholderregionofaletheia as presided over by the region's Duke. Should any of the townspeople notice a significant threat to the realm (such as a nasty storm or invading force), Lord Arkistos is instead to directly inform the capital guard as well as the region's Duke. The town mayor may cover most other small civil and criminal matters himself or with the assistance of his town guard and administration.


Fishing remains the city's most thriving industry, but recently a small group of druids have begun working with the magical creatures nearby to produce small amounts of unique magic items for export and sale in the natural magic centres of Aletheia (e.g. the Sylvancliffs).


Established originally in pre-Worldrend times, Syronicea was once a major trade town of Selphanos due to its beachside location. When Selphanos surrendered to the Aletheian Empire in the Battle of Phaidim, Syronicea was consumed by the growing empire and repurposed. Other major trade ports around the country reduced the need to rely on Syronicea, and so for many years, it was allowed to instead grow as a smaller seaside town that relied on its fishing exports. Inland hurricanes and tornadoes sweeping through the land served as a warning to keep the town's size small; fishermen that became too ambitious either met with ruin at Mother Nature's hand or moved further down the coast.   In the mid 3000s, the town's fishing boats were destroyed by Ordanian warships in hopes of cutting off Aletheia's food supplies and naval instruments. The warships were then set upon by no end of bad luck, culminating in a heavy storm that sunk the entire Ordanian fleet within the placeholdersea. Due to this, many in the town believed that sirens - for whom the town is named - still linger nearby and keep an eye on their potential descendants.   This was later somewhat confirmed in the late 4000s, as an inland hurricane caused undersea civilisations to be destroyed. The town, which had been struggling due to the rough seas, received a small advance group of undine scouts who sought shelter for themselves and their allies. The mayor at the time agreed without pause, at which point a siren flew down from the skies to thank him.   Through the combined efforts of humans and magical beasts, the Syroniceans built an extension of their town beneath the waters and safeguarded it with a series of nets and enchantments. It was later extended into the caves beneath Syronicea to ensure that natural disasters would have no impact on the safety of the various groups, and has since been known as the Ormistrias Enclave. To honour the sirens in this agreement as well, the town built ornate stone towers that allowed their voices to echo far across the lands. These are rarely used except in times of war as the sirens prefer to lure unwitting sailors. However, they have evidently helped to maintain the alliance between the Syroniceans and their odd patrons as no sailor hailing from Syronicea has ever drowned because of a siren's lure.

Alternative Name(s)
Home to the Sirens
Inhabitant Demonym
Syronicean; Aletheian
Owning Organization
The Aletheian Empire
Alignment Neutral Good
Notable inhabitants Julian Telesphorus, first High Priest of Celesthem


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