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Sinaske's Comet

It's like the night sky was cleaved in half, the wound itself bleeding that brilliant blue...
— awed watcher
  Sinaske's Comet, also known as the Moonshade's Wings, is a short-period comet that soars through Istralar's skies every fifty-odd years, dazzling countless watchers with its brilliant blue tail. It is said to be the favoured perch of the draconic pantheon deity Sinaske, the Curious Eclipse, who can reportedly be seen perching atop the comet and spreading its brilliant blue glow through the skies with his large star-lined wings. Its last appearance was in 5572, meaning its next appearance is currently overdue; its return is highly anticipated across mortal and draconic communities alike.   It always appears in the depths of winter for the northern hemisphere, and typically times its arrival with the solstice. The weather, when it passes, is always unnaturally clear, and indeed, it seems to trace a path perfectly aligned with midnight across the world as it dances through the skies.   Whilst most comets can be scientifically studied, Sinaske's comet defies typical explanation. Though its orbital timing is somewhat consistent with estimates, records of its actual orbit differ wildly from year to year in a manner that cannot be deemed consistent with the scientific concept of an orbit. It is strongly associated with, and potentially the cause of, the Iklepsid meteor showers that are best visible from the central regions of Iskaldhal every year, usually a month before the winter solstice.  

History of the Moonshade's Wings

I heard the Iklepsids are other moon dragons diving through the skies!
— adventurer
Sinaske's Comet by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
Long before the Shattering of Skies, when dragons still reigned over Iskaldhal, the passing of Sinaske's comet was marked with revelry and joy throughout the Shrines of Stone and served as a beautiful religious ceremony and celebration for all dragons to come together to.   Sinaske was worshipped not only as a deity of stars and exploration, but also as a deity of revelry and delight. His followers lit the skies with their draconic breath, and enjoyed the sight of their god passing so close within mortal sight.   Now, milennia later, most have forgotten who Sinaske is or was. The comet still bears his name, but the myths have changed - instead of a draconic god, the myths tell of a guardian spirit that pilots the comet so that it may not crash into Istralar's surface.   They tell of bounties of gemstones and starlight left behind in the comet's wake, and their celebrations choose to recognise the comet as a bringer of good fortune and delight rather than a symbol of a deity's love and joy.

Modern-Day Celebrations

  Elements of the original celebrations have likely been maintained by ancient draconic interference in mortal behaviour. The ageless beings are easily able to don human guise, and even with the expanse of time between they and their ancestors, they retain memory of what once was.  
As dragons still venerate their deities just the same, it is no mere coincidence that Sinaske's comet has retained the revelries and delight inherent to the original celebrations, even if mortalkind have inevitably changed the custom in their own way as time has gone on.   Nowadays, the largest celebration of Sinaske's comet happens in Volkur of all places, likely owing to the hero-run nation's positive relations with the draconic populace and its status as a relatively recent bastion of relative neutrality in Iskaldhal. The celebration is known as the Festival of the Fleeting Stars, and commences during the Iklepsids a month prior to the comet's passing.   Whilst the festival happens every year and runs for a month and a week, it rarely coincides with the passing of the comet in whose honour it is held - on the one occasion it did, the comet summoned Elegy-like showers of shimmering starlight to drape across the town in the form of Ichor of Elpis.
Festival of Fleeting Stars by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
The Moonshade's Wings by Hanhula (via Midjourney)

The Twins

Sinaske is not the only draconic deity of space. He was celebrated with his sister, Lutusi, the Astral Flare, together as the Twins of the Night and Day.   His sister's equivalent festivals around the summer solstice have largely lost her name, but she is far more openly recognised as one of the patrons of day - even if she is oft considered a lesser servitor of the deities mortals consider more significant.
The Festival by Hanhula (via Midjourney)

Cover image: Sinaske's Comet cover by Hanhula (via Midjourney)


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