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Draconic Pantheon

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Petulant mortals. The divine are not all of human shape or two-legged form. You know little of the gods worshipped by we, the ancient owners of this sphere. We share tales of Apsu and Dahak in their eternal war. We whisper of Tiamat's unending fury. You assume that is all we care for, all we believe in.   You are wrong.
— Amelnakru, a true dragon of Xin-Jiyu
  The Draconic Pantheon is the little-known pantheon worshipped by dragons throughout the planes. It is currently comprised of the deities Bahamut, Tiamat, Dahak, Apsu, Sinaske, Lutusi, Anshar, and Kishtu.   Another deity is known to have once been part of this pantheon, but they seem to have been excised at some point.
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